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The Most Impressive Bars In America to Explore

The Most Impressive Bars In America to Explore

A full crazy weekend is what all people need in their life, well sometimes craziness can be done on weekdays as well when we have these amazing bars to explore. When we talk about some of the most unique bars in America, everyone knows how crazy these can be. There are thousands of thousands of astonishing bars in America and with each day passing there are already new ones ready for inauguration. 

We have everything, for party lovers to simple boozy brunches or office meetings, let’s say overall for everyone. Whether you are an American or traveling to America to explore, these are your go-to places to have some of the best times. Come on everyone owe some fun to themselves once in a while so why not go to the best places. 

Let’s have the perfect cocktail with a combination of an amazing playlist and lively surroundings. Let the fun begins. 

Connaught Bar

Ahh, let’s start the list with one of the most luxurious bars with stylish chic decor it is a must-visit. It is situated in Cannaught Hotel. Let’s say you are stepping into another world. It is the best place to relax, well why not, you have a luscious drink in one hand with delicious food. What else do you need? Let us give you a tip Their eclipse cocktail stands out and is a must-try. They are the finest in the world. 

The Tunnel Bar, Northampton

What a unique name isn’t it? Like its name, the structure of this bar is like a tunnel. Enjoy your weekend in this elegant unique bar with a premium cocktail. It is an old one established in 1897 and till now it is one of the most famous bars in America. After all old is gold. Their menu includes something for everyone. From dessertinis to cocktails to classic drinks to wines to beers and a lot more they have everything to level up the party. 

Cure, New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its amazing parties. Well, Cure is one of the places you have to explore whenever you are in New Orleans. It is known for its craft cocktails. They have an incredible liquor collection which is worth a try. Cure is also known for its white chocolate almond cake drizzled with chocolate liqueur. 

Mace, New York

It was opened a few years back in 2015 and let us tell you since then you can witness it on many “best of bar” lists, suggested by many influencers and new yorkers as well. It is known for its excellent collection of cocktails. The looks here are mesmerizing and also little bold interiors. Not only famous for drinks it has an astonishing food menu as well. Ahh, an amazing place for your next date? Yes Of course!! 

All Season Brewing, Los Angeles

All Season brewing is one of the famous bars in the city of Angeles. It is an all-purpose bar a little bit expensive place to go but let us tell you it is worth going. A menu of draft wines and exemplary cocktails, heavenly snacks from Chicas Tacos featuring tacos, nachos, etc, arcade games, and Skee-Ball balance a night at the extensive outdoors brewery. It is located in the historic Firestone tire station on La Brea. 

The Gibson, Washington DC

It is a powerful DC bar still hidden behind an unmarked door. The Gibson is surely a crazy experience and a go-to place for everyone at least once in a lifetime. It has a multilevel cocktails bar that serves some of the most amazing craft cocktails constantly changing. The space has dim lighting, cozy vibes and hot spot feels. Do explore it for sure. 

Well, we have made it easy for you to explore America and enjoy some of the most astonishing bars all way around. A simple tip always try to make a reservation before heading to these bars.


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