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Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Marketing is on the boom and why not it is quite effective. People spend most of their time on social media platforms so why not connect with them in the same place. You have to be creative enough to catch your user’s attraction. Well, thankfully we have the tools to make this work. 

From creating and posting content to examining and reporting, it may be overpowering to consider all the work social media advertisers need to complete consistently. The fact is everyone needs management tools to make social media marketing possible effectively. Now agencies are searching for tools for monitoring and tuning in, analyzing, and engaging across all social media platforms. Organizations should count on social media management tools that can help their primary concerns. 

After all the hype we have come up with the best social media management tools for digital marketing agencies to rely on for a smooth process. 

1-Sprout Social 

It is one of the favorites and trustable tools for big agencies. If we talk about its key feature it helps to learn and understand more about the audience’s behavior. This precise yet powerful platform is easy to use and offers all the essentials that

you’d anticipate also it offers customized features on requests. One such element is the particular insights for individual posts. Its standard price is $89/ month.

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Another simple and effective social media tool for offering features like publishing social media posts with one line, engagement, analysis, and group highlights. It is trusted by many agencies and professionals. It offers a custom schedule for each of your platforms. Its price range varies from $72/month – to $1440/month. 

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It is one of the most famous tools. Its features and affordability are what make it stand out. They are in the market since 2008 and let’s say since then they are developing and upgrading their features. They are notable for content curation, organization, scheduling, observing, and RSS integration and have a remarkable status in the marketing world. Price starts from $49/month – $739/month.

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The all-in-one tool, well when we talk about social media management tools, Hubspot is on every list. It provides you with a point-by-point understanding of your clients’ social communications and the number of genuine leads you’re creating from distinctive platforms. Price starts from $45/month – $3200/month. Know better – 


A smart social media management tool for advanced agencies searching for a start to finish solution that incorporates a CRM as well. Sendible has some of the

amazing features like their content suggestion feature is quite effective and gives interesting new ideas for content creation. 

Pricing ranges from $29/month – $399/month. 

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Loomly is quite famous for its branding and content creation features. It also offers features to help agencies to complete their projects easily, i.e calendars, deadlines, and workflows. It is known for its easy management and powerful features. The loomly price range varies from $26/month – $269/month. Know better – 


Eclincher is also a popular tool and offers features the same as some other platforms, but what makes it stand out is that it empowers you to auto-post with wise queues and RSS channels, has a media library for your pictures, and allows you to look for social media bloggers or influencers. Its price range starts from $59/month – $219/month. 

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It is a straightforward and cost-effective social media management tool. SocialPilot offers the basics features, their software additionally incorporates a full friendly inbox including permitting them to engage with their crowd with an auto-posting feature as well. The price range is from $50/month – $150/month.

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It recognizes the target audience and prospects, understands what individuals are talking about your brand, and recognizes possibilities for engagement. When we talk about the key feature it offers a customer dashboard that helps you to solve queries frequently and effectively. Pricing starts at $129 and a custom option is available. 

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It is also a fully integrated social media management tool. It gives you access to metrics that help you to determine the ROI of your social media strategies. It also provides competitors’ analysis to understand better. Pricing begins at $79/month – $399/month. 

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Now conquer the social media world with these amazing tools.


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