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Let These Amazing Hydrangeas Bloom Your Business

Let These Amazing Hydrangeas Bloom Your Business

Perfection is a myth but when we talk about Hydrangeas they come very close to the word perfection. Hydrangeas are the mass flowers that you must have if you are in the floral industry. 

They love colors as hydrangeas are found in different shades of red, pink and purple, white, green and blue, even with a combination of various colors. Their beauty is mesmerizing and in addition to these tones, there are others species 

that experience color changes as the season progresses. The transformation of color will be a beautiful experience to witness. Noone truly can’t go wrong stocking up on hydrangeas. 

These beautiful flowers symbolize gratitude, grace, beauty and after all abundance, due to the amount of petals and their lavish round shape. It also stands for sincerity and wealth. This flower has a rich history, as we know hydrangea already existed 140 million years ago. Well, how can someone ignore this beauty of nature? 

One of the most popular flowers for special occasions and an all-around favorite on the list in the market today are Hydrangeas. This flower offers such versatility,

whether using it alone or creating a beautiful bunch, you can never go wrong with Hydrangeas. Well not only for gifting or decorating purposes hydrangeas are quite famous for wedding decorations as well. Aside from everything one thing we are sure about is that no one can ever ignore the presence of these beauties. They are the eyecatchers due to their Irresistible appearance. 

Do you know Colombian Hydrangeas are quite famous all around the world?

Well at Eden Hydrangeas farms, we are committed to produce and supply some of the best quality and blooming Hydrangeas to our clients. We are situated in the heart of Colombia’s Antioquia region and we feel proud to be producers of high-quality hydrangeas. We have been in this business for years. We have a team of experts who know what it takes to produce the freshest kind around. 

Our hydrangea got delivered to you in perfect conditions at perfect time as we know how important it is to deliver followers fast for long-lasting buds. We ensure proper hydration from the moment they are cut to the time you receive them. Let us enlighten you with the fact that humidity and temperature are the key for these flowers to last a long time.And we are fully committed towards our goal to bring the freshest blooming flowers in the market, which meet all the industry standards. Our hydrangea is not only famous locally but we are quite famous in the international market. We distribute hydrangeas wholesale and retail not only within the U.S but we also deliver it to South Korea, El Salvador, Dubai and Japan. From florists to event planners to supermarkets and store owners, both local and internationally, we do serve a wide range of industries. 

With the utmost support from our talented employees, we are emerging as the trusted suppliers of hydrangeas. 

Hydrangeas – Happy, rich and full of life.


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