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Amazon is one of the most important places to sell books and if you are a publisher then you know how important Amazon is. 

Therefore, every book publisher must have a book marketing strategy as well as a book marketing plan for Amazon. 

This is because Amazon is one of the most popular places for readers to discover books and that is why every book publishing house must also have an Amazon book promotion strategy and must include Amazon in their book marketing ideas. 

Likewise, as a reputable name in the publishing world in India, we at Orange Publishers also have an Amazon book selling strategy which falls into our general book marketing strategies.  

Take a look at our successful marketing strategy for marketing books on Amazon.


Having the right product details can make a lot of difference in the way the book is visible. 

We make sure to fill out every detail and every parameter there is when we are trying to list a book on Amazon. 

We understand that no matter how much we spend on professional editors or cover designers or even spend on the quality of the book’s paper or in any step of the publishing of the book is not visible on Amazon then there is no use in publishing it. 

The more details there are the better the book will be visible and the better the book will be found when readers input different parameters for searching a book. 

Keywords play a key role here because it is something that cannot be missed and cannot be compromised. 

We make sure to input every relevant keyword there is to that particular book so that whenever a search query is made, our book appears at the top. 

 Additionally, there are other benefits. 

We make sure to always fill in the description because it is one of the most important things that a reader reads when they are trying to purchase a book. 

Whenever someone is buying a book in a book store, they look at the back of the book for details.  Similarly, the description is that part of the book if you are trying to sell anything online. 


Customer satisfaction is the key to selling something on Amazon, what we mean by that is that Amazon prioritises customers over sellers. 

Therefore, if you follow a few good practices then that will surely help in the ranking of your book in the search results. 

You must always have a well-managed and maintained Amazon sellers account so that the books are delivered whenever an order is placed there by maintaining customer satisfaction.

We always maintain our Amazon sellers account because we know it is the most important thing on Amazon. 

Additionally, the Amazon algorithms see practices like being responsive to queries as a really good thing.

This is the reason why we always try to answer the queries with as much detail as possible. 

This has a positive effect on the Amazon algorithm which then will push the product as a hot product which in this case is our books. 


Having the proper images plays a key role on Amazon. 

This is probably the most important thing that the buyer sees before they can see anything else and that is why you must make sure to always have the proper images in high resolution. 

Having the right images with the proper clarity is even more important if you are trying to sell your book on Amazon. 

We always follow the guidelines and rules that are specified by Amazon when it comes to uploading images.  Some of these rules are that the image must be at least 1006 pixels. 

If you are trying to sell your book on Amazon you must always remember and follow a simple philosophy. 

Always think in terms of a book store because that will help you with clarity.  

Following this philosophy, we always upload multiple pictures of our books from different angles. 

This is important because in a physical store the buyer can pick up the book and look at it from all angles but on a digital platform that is not possible. 

So, the next best thing is to have multiple pictures showing the book from every angle so that everything from the cover design in the front to the back and spine, is visible. 


Negative reviews can be a bummer for any industry and it is especially the case with Amazon. 

If you have a product that is newly listed and does not have many reviews. 

If there is a negative review among the two or three reviews then new customers will only view the negative review and that can have a very bad effect on the sales. 

 This is also the case with books. 

Whenever we ship out our books to remote locations there is always the chance that the book can get damaged in transit and that can lead to a negative review on the product page. 

What we do is we try to communicate directly with the buyer and apologize to them and then send them out a fresh new copy or ask them if they prefer a refund.

After they have received the new copy or after the refund has been credited to them, we request them politely to remove the negative review and thank them profusely. 

 This usually gets the job done when it comes to removing negative reviews. 


Whenever you are venturing into a business or are launching a product, you must always have a game plan. 

This game plan should consist of everything from assigning a budget for the product promotion, having a marketing roadmap and much more. 

We always draw up a game plan whenever we are publishing a book. 

This game plan is divided into multiple stages and that might include Amazon promotion budget, author’s book promotion plan, social media strategy etc. 

Then we make sure that all these plans always return to Amazon and that wherever and whenever we promote our book, we make sure to drop in the Amazon link. 

Never miss out on dropping your product’s Amazon link wherever possible. 

For example, if someone is asking a question on Quora about anything related to Amazon like a query about the KDP interface, make sure to answer the question and then drop a link to your product. 

While this might seem too much, it pays off in the end because, in the end, we have an Amazon game plan strategy that is vast and can never fail.

This was the Orange Publishers’ book-selling strategy on Amazon.  If you are someone who is willing to learn about how to create an Amazon selling strategy then this blog will also be helpful to you. 

If you are searching for a reputable book publishing house which has adapted to the online e-commerce landscape, then you are in the right place.  

We are Orange Publishers and we are the fastest growing book publishing house in India and we will make sure to help you throughout the book publishing process, including listing your book on Amazon and every other eCommerce website.  With us, you will have the most seamless self-publishing experience in India. 


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