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Is Your Smile Too Gummy? Here’s How We Might Be Able to Improve it

gummy smile treatment

We often spend so much of our time in order to make ourselves look beautiful and presentable. We spend so much money on outfits and clothes, skin care products, hair care products, going to the gym to stay fit and fine, and whatnot. But do we care about ourselves?

The key is to look smart and confident, which is more essential than our looks. Obviously, staying clean and smart is important, but obsession is not good, no matter what. Sometimes we should look for things that play an important role in making ourselves attractive. And that is a smile.

A smile has the power to make a difference in our appearance. When we smile, we look confident and happy. There is a saying that if a person can laugh, there is no one happier than them. So yes, if you can smile or laugh, you have the most beautiful life. 

We all smile differently, and they all are beautiful in their way. But some people are afraid to smile because of their dental problems. They are also losing their confidence and socializing ability just because they don’t wear a perfect smile. They are afraid of being bullied or looking unattractive. And they are afraid of wearing orthodontic appliances like braces because of the same problem, and as well as they are very uncomfortable.

There are so many dental problems that occur, but the common one is a gummy smile. And in research, it’s believed that women are more prone to gummy smiles than men. And that’s why it’s becoming a huge problem day by day. 

Now there are types of gummy smiles. Some are mild, which is normal, and some are severe. Before doing any surgical treatments and wearing any dental appliances, you need to work on yourself. 

It’s okay if you want to improve your smile or look better than the present. But if you are growing self-hate because of just a gummy smile, then don’t do it. 

Now we understand how it feels when people always take out your flaws and talk about them too much or make fun of your smile. But it’s not your fault; it’s their fault that they can’t see your real beauty and talent. And they are always busy talking about your flaws. It’s just they are jobless, or they don’t have that proper knowledge of anything. So it’s better to replace them with positive people who appreciate your talent and work and love how you are. You can’t change society, and it’s garbage, but you can change yourself and stay far from them.

The internet is full of news and articles where people break their limits just because of self-hate and are ready to do anything in the world to look the best. 

So love yourself first before anything in the world.

However, now, if you are looking for a gummy smile treatment. Let’s look at the procedure to gain knowledge.

A quick definition of a gummy smile

When the gum shows more than usual and more than 3 mm is visible while smiling, laughing, or speaking, it’s a gummy smile. More than 3 to 4 mm gum visibility is known as the severity of a gummy smile.

Now, if you need a gummy smile treatment, you must know the reason behind it and look forward to the problem.

  • Genetically smaller/ shorter teeth show more of the gum and less of the teeth
  • Overproduce of the gum tissue increases the chance of making the gum visible more than usual.
  • When half of the teeth are covered under the gum, it shows more gum.
  • Orthodontic problems like crooked teeth and overcrowded teeth can be a reason behind your gummy smile. 
  • Shorter upper lips show more of the gum while smiling and fail to cover the gum.
  • The hyperactive lip is another important reason behind a gummy smile. 

Treatments available for gummy smile

  • Wearing orthodontic appliances can be a solution if the reason behind your gummy smile lies with crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, and things like that. 
  • Lip surgery is needed if the problem is with hyperactive lips or strong lip muscle stopping the lip from covering the teeth. It’s a surgical procedure, and it needs some time to heal. 
  • If the upper lip is thin and fails to cover the upper gum, you might need a botox. A liquid product will be injected into the lip to make them fuller.
  • If the growth of the jawbone is the problem, then you might go through jaw surgery to decrease the length.
  • You need gum contouring if the gum has extra gum tissue. The surgeon will do the procedure with laser treatment, where the laser will remove the gum tissue to explore more of the teeth under the gum.
  • When the teeth are smaller or shorter, veneers and crowns will help them to enlarge their height, ending in the gummy smile. 

There are more types of procedures available for a gummy smile treatment. But it would be best if you had a special and professional suggestion. You can’t trust any random dental clinics that promise to give you a smile at a low cost. Don’t just fall for the cost. Look for the quality and security.

Therapeuo dental and multi-specialty clinic is one of the most promising and available with experienced and best doctors worldwide. They have all kinds of treatments for your gummy smile and will treat them with care. 

So don’t wait anymore and go for your gummy smile treatment. Live and look the way you want.


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