Best Google Certification Courses Online To Enroll This 2022

Google Certification Courses

General Overview

Google certification courses allow you to learn all the essential skills to become job-ready whenever that all-important interview comes.

This post compares Google Certification online courses offered by MAH & Coursera. Go through the post to see what they cover and how it will benefit your career

With this prestigious certification, you can gear up for many prosperous jobs without any prior experience. Moreover, these course lessons allow you to reap the perks of professional training designated by Google & top employers worldwide.

Learn at your own pace

Stand out to your employers amidst the general mass

Make your path to high-in-demand job roles 

“With Google Certification COMES GREAT POWER & an opportunity to change the world.”

Answering the All-Important Questions! Keeping all this in mind:

Are you looking for online Google certification course lessons to propel your career prospects to heights?

Moreover, do you yearn to get on the fast track to lucrative growth fields with in-depth flexible online course training?

If so,’s online Courses  is your best bet to empower your future!

So, let’s dig deep into uncovering its course content and how it benefits aspiring learners this 2022.

MAH Google Certification Courses for Aspiring Learners

What’s included?

An introduction to Google Workspace for beginners (algorithms, business communication, business analytics & more)

Understanding of Google Ads for beginners (advertising, marketing, digital marketing, communication, etc.)

Google IT Automation with Python for both beginners & advanced learners (cloud computing, Bash (UNIX shell), app development, etc.)

Google UX design for beginners & advanced learners (business analysis, brand management, advertising, accounting & more)

Google Project Management (agile management, agile software development, etc.)

Google IT Automation Professional Certificate

Google IT Support Professional certificate

Google Digital marketing & eCommerce professional certificate 

Google Data Analytics professional certificate

Google project management professional certificate 

Still not convinced? 

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How does Enrolling for MAH Google Certification Benefits Learners?

On-demand videos & resources for reference 

Lots of articles, PDFs, and other course material to download

Life-time access to all accessible resources 

Video content, Q&A sheets & topic explanations with examples 

30-day refund policy

COURSERA’s Google Certification Online Course in Comparison to MAH

MAH isn’t the only platform to learn and earn a prestigious Google certification. Its closest competitor, COURSERA, isn’t trailing far behind.

What Key Skills do You Learn from Coursera’s Course Coverage?

Google Data Analytics

Google IT support

Google Digital marketing & E-Commerce marketing

Google Ads for beginners 

Preparing for Google Cloud Architect 

Google Project Management 

Google IT automation

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

Difference between MAH & Coursera Courses

MAH offers lifetime access to all course materials and allows you to work at your own pace. Coursera on the other hand are much like online classes which you can from any educational institution. They start on a particular date and have to be followed.

MAH is great is someone is looking for a job-specialisation course in quick time. Coursera courses are more in-depth, offer certification after completion but offers less hours of video lectures and study material. 

Coursera is slightly expensive than MAH because it offers courses from the top universities around.

Final Verdict

It’s close as both MAH & Coursera Google certification online courses are helping countless learners (both beginners & advanced learners) to make a prosperous career.

Whether its entry-level jobs, IT support specialist, or UX designer with know-how on Figma & Adobe XD these are the best places to learn.

That said, to determine which outshines the other is a daunting task. In terms of student/learner’s preference, MAH takes the prize for offering the best Google certification course in 2022.

So, without delay, visit today and enquire more about their courses. 

While you’re at it, feel free to check out its other courses like- Web development, data science, It certification programs, database design and development, etc.


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