Know The Difference Between A Smoke Detector And A Fire Alarm System

Know The Difference Between A Smoke Detector And A Fire Alarm System

In the contemporary world, we often come across news of fire in the woods, residential buildings, or commercial complexes. Sometimes, the fire caught in a residential area or commercial complex is out of control and causes huge property and life losses. Fortunately, for smoke & fire detection, we have several things like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire alarms. Here, have a look at a smoke detector, a fire alarm, the difference between them, and how you can get the best one.  

What is a smoke detector?   

As per its name, it is a device that you use to detect smoke. It is a type of sensor that automatically detects smoke as there is a high amount of smoke in or around your premise. As it is a sensor, it does nothing more than the recognition of smoke that could be present in or around your home or business setup. 

What is a fire alarm system?

In comparison with a smoke detector, a fire alarm system is a full package for the detection of smoke and fire. It comprises both detection and action. Further, it is more than a sensor as it detects a higher amount of smoke and sends alerts to the concerned person/authority. 

Some of the fire alarm systems are available with an integrated sprinkler system. This system sprinkles water from the roof to the bottom of your premise. In the case of having no sprinkler system, the fire alarm system will make you alert and encourage you to take a requisite action as it detects smoke or fire. Further, it can send an alert to the fire brigade to put out the fire.   

Difference between a smoke detector and fire alarm system  

Many differences are between a smoke detector and a fire alarm system. Here, have a bird eye view on some of those differences: 

  • A smoke detector works as a sensor and detects the smoke. On the other hand, a fire alarm system acts on it after detection. 
  • The smoke detector is a single device while the fire alarm system is a complete package of several integrated devices to protect your premise against the fire. 
  • The first does only a detection job while the fire alarm system sends alerts and takes measures to counter the fire if it has a well-integration with the right appliances. 
  • A smoke detector is an integral part of a fire alarm system. So, the fire alarm system needs it to function well.       

Is there a repair or replacement requirement for them? 

Both a smoke detector and a fire alarm system need a power source to function. Hence, they need to be maintained well. As a home or business premise owner, you need to check the installed fire alarm system regularly. Replace batteries and repair the faults if you come across them. No proper maintenance means you will need to replace your fire alarm system.   

Smoke detector vs. fire alarm system – Which one should you get?

You have gone through what a smoke detector is, what a fire alarm system is, how they work, and what the differences are between them. So, you can easily decide which is better for you. Whether you are an owner of a residential or commercial complex, you should get a fire alarm system instead of a single device, a smoke detector. Further, you need to keep your fire alarm system in good working condition for better protection against fire. 


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