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7 Safe Exercises for Expecting Mothers


You are excited enough and a little panic when you notice something that may relate to pregnancy. The time is unforgettable. Through a home kit or a lab urine/blood test, you know you are pregnant. Having a conception means you need to make a few changes and keep something as it is in your life. 

Exercising or performing workouts is one of them that you need to change. If done well, taking exercises is beneficial for you and the baby in your womb. What exercises you should do and what exercises you should not do can make you overwhelmed. Here, you should consult a gynaecologist in Bangalore or your locality. No one can guide you better than a reproductive health expert. Here are some exercises that your doctor can suggest you:

1. Walking

If there is the simplest and safest exercise on earth, it is walking. You can choose your street or local park to stroll down. Even though it has no fancy moves and complex process, it is healthy for expecting mothers and the babies in their wombs. 

Just put on a pair of comfy shoes and come out of your home to walk around it or in a park for 15-20 minutes a session. Gradually, increase the time. Walking throughout pregnancy will help you stay active and induce your labour pain. 

2. Stationary cycling

Pregnancy is the right time to ride a bike with a goal of a healthy body and mind. Here bike riding means cycling a stationary bicycle placed inside a gym or in a corner of your home. Stationary cycling helps you enhance your blood flow and take some pressure off the joints of your body. 

It is your doctor who can recommend safety precautions while exercising on the stationary cycle. As per your convenience and comfort, you should adjust the handlebars to facilitate you sit well and release the pressure of the lower back. You must stop cycling this stationary bike when you feel you need a break. 

3. Dance 

Great! You have got the moves and groves through walking and cycling. Keep grooving all across your pregnancy. As dance classes do not require high-impact or super intense movements, they are safer for your pregnancy. However, you need to avoid having balance-based movements and jumping during dance classes. You can try Zumba, which is fun and can make your endorphins flowing and the heart racing.  

4. Pilates 

Pilates is one of the exercises that are safe for moms-to-be. As per your convenience, you can take prenatal pilates classes that can be more safe for you during pregnancy. After attending a few classes, you will start enjoying all the benefits of this workout. 

Pilates aims to lengthen your muscles and strengthen your core. It will facilitate you to enhance flexibility, ease your back pain and maintain your posture with your belly expansion during pregnancy. 

5. Strength training 

Lifting weight is for all, males and females. Lifting heavy weight is a big NO for expecting mothers. However, you (moms-to-be) can do it by adjusting your weight lifting routine. With it, you can enhance your muscular endurance and strength. You can easily face the situation of carrying a baby and giving birth to him/her.   

For a better result and safe pregnancy, you should focus on lifting a low-weight. The weight should be light enough to avoid any straining. You should take a gap of 12-15 seconds while lifting a low-weight. You can use a machine to set the weight limit and motion range to avoid any injury.  

6. Swimming 

Expecting mothers feel heavier and want to have a lighter feeling. If it is with you, swimming is the best activity you can do during your pregnancy. When you are swimming in a pool, your weight is 10% lower than the one you have on the ground. 

It produces a break to your ligaments and joints. It works well on your arms, back, legs, and chest as swimming makes you use all your body parts. You should consider water aerobic classes for fun in a group of expecting mothers. 

7. Yoga 

You (moms-to-be) have a lot of thoughts in your mind. Some of them may disturb you. Here, you need to unwind and relax yourself. And yoga poses, especially prenatal yoga, is a safer exercise for expecting mothers like you. It includes stretches, breathing, and strengthening moves to make you ready for labour. If done under a trainer, it will reduce stress, help you control your mood, and lower your blood pressure.    


Being pregnant is a time to get excited and celebrate. As a mom-to-be, you need to work on what can facilitate you carrying your pregnancy successfully and delivering a baby without any complications. Apart from diet and doctor’s support, you need to keep yourself healthy and fit. And for this, you can opt for walking, stationary cycling, dance, pilates, strength training, swimming and prenatal yoga that are safe for pregnant women.


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