How to Wear Sneakers Like a Pro?

how to wear sneakers

Today we’re going to speak about sneakers, so settle in and put your feet up. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to wear shoes today, particularly when it comes to suits and professional attire. It happens because not all sneakers are created equal. However, every man and woman’s wardrobe now includes sneakers.

Today, your shoes can reflect your style in various ways, including sports, red-carpet events, and lifestyle. And today, we’ll demonstrate the proper way to wear them.

Over the past years, the restrictions on footwear have been clearly easing. It’s no longer considered a fashion faux pas to wear sneakers with professional attire or to smear some tan leather trainers underneath a smart grey suit. The beauty of high-quality, smart canvas sneakers shoes is that they quickly remove the starch from anything; we cannot emphasize this enough.

And that’s perfect for situations like family lunches and Friday night date nights where wearing a complete three-piece suit and brogues might be too much. Men’s sneakers can be compared to the hairstyle of the smart-casual world: professional on top, pleasant on the bottom.

There are a few fundamental rules for how to wear sneakers, regardless of the style you choose.

Tips for Wearing Sneakers

Since they go with everything, a good pair of white sneakers has become a wardrobe essential over the past several years. You have two options: either go for athleisure, which calls for tapered joggers, crew neck tees, and bomber jackets, or wear cropped pants (or cuff your ankles). A high cuff helps define that silhouette because the whole goal of shoes is to draw attention down there (no, further down). You can buy sneakers online at affordable rates and in different styles.

The Basic classics

The most functional casual sneaker you can purchase is a basic pair of canvas ankle shoes. They go great with almost any color and shade of denim, chinos, and shorts. Run with printed t-shirts, striped shirts, and even a coat for the university lecturer to look for the best chance at success. These casual shoes are available for both Toms women and Toms shoes men.

Wearing Designer Sneakers

These high-end sneakers are pricey and not for the weak of heart; each season, they become louder and more overt. Look to Kanye West as an instance of someone who constantly wears them effectively. These sneakers are frequently worn with skinny denim collected at the bottom and t-shirts with loose checkered shirts. The Parisian aesthetic also features singlets and long, draping jackets that give the outfit even more edge. A must-have item is a black denim and longer, looser-fitting t-shirts.

Wearing Sneakers with Suits

On how to wear sneakers with suits, entire volumes have been written (we’ve even written a little bit ourselves here). The luxurious version of the traditional sneaker is our particular favorite. Sneakers may now transition from street to smart casual without looking out of place on a teenage lad, thanks to these lovely examples. They go well with tailored pants, skinny jeans, chinos, and occasionally even a relaxed, unstructured suit.

One of our favorite preppy styles is smart casual shoes worn with a bright blue or grey suit, but there are a few points to look out for. One mistake some men make is attempting to accomplish a lot with their sneaker-and-suit ensemble. Don’t stray from traditional, solid colors; the obvious choices are white, black, navy, and tan. Consider combinations next.

Probably won’t go well with khaki green shoes and a black pinstripe suit. Focus on the cut last. There is a limit to the edge. You can offer a big, unattractive, poorly fitted suit jacket. Sneakers give suits an edge.

Wearing Sneakers with Jeans

The fashionable equivalent of cherries and chocolate is jeans and shoes. They belong together, and you don’t need us to tell you that. However, there are some considerations to make while styling your beloved denim. Color is first. Do you prefer something fascinating or a bulky white sneaker outfit? Blue jeans look great with both khaki suede and forest green leather sneakers. The second is trimmed. Since the release of Clueless, baggy jeans and sneakers have become unfashionable. You want something tidy and well-kept with a high cuff and a tapered leg—it doesn’t have to be painted on skinny.


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