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Eight Tips for How to Introduce Bottle Feeding

bottle feeding

While there are no guidelines for when to introduce a bottle to a baby’s feeding schedule, the following professional advice may help. Although bottle-feeding is typically uncomplicated to begin, issues can arise on occasion. The best part is that they are typical problems almost always simple to resolve. A chance for you to know and love your infant is provided by bottle feeding and it is very easily available in stores of baby care products online.

The baby will feel safer if you, your spouse, or another primary carer offers most of the feeds.

Here are Some Tips on How to Bottle Feed Your Baby:

1. Include a baby feeding bottle after your breasts have produced a healthy amount of milk. If you want to continue exclusively nursing your baby, wait to offer a bottle until you have developed a regular nursing schedule and healthy milk volume. After birth, this may take as many as four weeks.

2. Maintain milk volume by continuing to breastfeed or pump. Make it a point to pump whenever your infant takes a bottle of feed. The quantity of milk produced can decrease if you express it from your breast less frequently.

3. Nipple preference versus nipple confusion. Many people think that due to nipple confusion, newborns do not wish to be nursed after bottle feeding or don’t want to bottle feed after exclusively breastfeeding. That is untrue. Babies are not confused by the various feeding techniques. They do, however, become acclimated to a breast or baby feeding bottle and develop nipple preferences, which simply means they favor one way over the other!

4. Use a wide-based bottle tip that is the same size and form as your nipple. Wide-based nipples are what a doctor advises. Buy a baby feeding bottle with a tip that resembles a human breast more closely. These nipples often have narrower bases and shorter nipple heights. Similar to breastfeeding, the nipple necessitates that the baby place more of the nipple in its mouth.

5. Only choose one type of nipple and bottle from the baby feeding products at a time. Some infants, especially those breastfed exclusively, might be highly demanding regarding bottles, particularly if they have only ever received breast milk. To ensure that the baby can nurse well before purchasing a larger supply, it is wise to get one set of a specific bottle which is available in baby care products online and tip style at a time. Before choosing a preferred bottle or nipple, newborns will occasionally try out many.

6. How to bottle feed your baby is most important. Feed in a slow-flowing manner. A bottle-feeding method that is slow-flowing is quite similar to nursing. Breastfed infants eat more slowly since they are accustomed to striving for food. Baby feeding bottle, however, is simple and requires minimal work. The pace is substantially faster when switching from bottle feeding to nursing because newborns become used to it so quickly. Allow the infant to take between five and ten sucks from a conventional nipple before removing it. Allow your infant to breathe and swallow. Re-insert the bottle and proceed once more. Your infant should start feeding more slowly as a result of this process. It should take about 15 minutes to complete the meal, similar to a nursing session.

7. Time is needed. It may take a few tries for your baby to get the hang of drinking from a baby feeding bottle because many exclusively breastfed newborns are reluctant to do so at first. So be patient and keep giving your infant the bottle.

8. Between two and four weeks before returning to the workplace, introduce bottle feeding. You may build a pumping routine by doing this, the majority of babies take to baby feeding bottle pretty well, but a few can truly make the change difficult. Please seek the assistance of a breastfeeding specialist if you are having trouble introducing bottles or if your baby does not appear to be feeding as well from a bottle.


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