Ultimate Bucket List – Things Every Fashion Lovers Must Do

perfect bucket list for Fashion lovers

The fashion industry is in full swing and so are we. This industry is so huge and growing so fast that every day starts with something new in the industry. There is always something exciting whenever we talk about fashion whether we talk about trending outfits, fashion events or fashion shows, or visit exhibitions, well the lists can go on. 

In fashion, there is so much more than just outfits, you can be creative and express yourself through your fashion sense, and while exploring such events you can surely learn a lot of things. 

Well as summers are here so our perfect bucket list for Fashion lovers is to do some crazy things this summer. Let’s roll!! 

Plan a fashion trip

Fashion trips are all about famous fashion destinations like Paris, Milan, New York, London, etc. Plan a dedicated fashion trip to explore some of the most exciting places for the love of your fashion. Make sure you are attending fashion shows in these cities. These are the cities that create trends in the fashion industry. Visit designer’s consignment stores. Start your fashion journey, always remember to add fashion shows to your activities. 

Adopt a signature piece

Find your own trademark. Find a piece which defines you or is dedicated to you. Add a signature piece to your wardrobe whether a scent, a handbag, or anything you love with all your heart. Know your style understand it and choose the best option. 

Tips – Make sure you really love the piece that you are choosing. 

Visit the Design Museum, London

The Design Museum in London is a must-visit place for all fashion lovers. It is a leading museum that showcases contemporary design in every form. It is quite famous for fashion exhibitions as well as designers’ shows which are worldwide famous. Don’t forget to plan your visit. 

Try a new fashion trend

Every year there is a new fashion trend in the industry. This summer try to explore new fashion trends and try to adopt them. Let us help you out here are some of the most famous fashion trends of 2022 straight from the runways 

Color Clashing 

Bohemian florals 

Knit dresses 

Loud Logos 

Micro-minis etc. 

Watch some All-time popular fashion movies

What can be better than a weekend with your BFFs with some delicious food and famous fashion movies to chill. Well, the world has produced some masterpieces dedicated to the fashion industry. The list starts with Dior and I, Coco Avant Channel, Iris, Unzipped, Valentino – The last emperor, another one is Yves Saint Laurent, well the list can go on but these are some of the best movies everyone must watch. 

Attend Fashion Weeks in major cities

Even if you are not invited it doesn’t matter. Book your tickets at that time and explore the street style scene in the cities, because everyone should

have experienced real fashion. Fashion Weeks are full of excitement, you can have a lifetime experience there. Do attend fashion weeks and festivals as they are worth it. Some of the most iconic fashion weeks & Festivals are – 

New York Fashion Week 

Paris Fashion Week 

London Fashion Week 

Milan Fashion Week 

Dubai Shopping Festival, etc. 

Invest in a luxury handbag

You know what? It’s time to have the ultimate accessory in your wardrobe. Handbags are so in nowadays and it is going to be for a lifetime. A luxury handbag always keeps its even 10 years down the road. Invest your money in a luxury bag wisely. Choose the brand of your dreams and go for it. 

D0 everything you love this summer with a pinch of style. While exploring don’t forget to create your amazing summer ootds styles. Let’s start the journey.


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