Causes of Essay Writing Anxiety

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Writing comes naturally to some students, while others struggle with it for several reasons. When writing an essay, it becomes even more difficult for scholars to deal with it. Because to write it perfectly, one has to be good with grammar, command of language, etc. So you are not alone if facing these issues, as there are various others; it is why students opt for an essay writing service to cope with these issues.

These problems cause stress among pupils, and anxiety is something that is not often spoken about. However, even though this is not talked about often, it is a problem that happens to every other student. In this article, you can see a few of the reasons that cause stress and how to overcome the situation.

What Causes Essay-Writing Anxiety?

You all know what “essay anxiety” is, right? It is a symptom that scholars face when they are assigned essays, which includes a lack of motivation, fear, nervousness, and procrastination. What causes anxiety is linked to early experiences. This fear or stress grew over time from insecurity to phobia slowly. Various factors contribute to this evolution, like how the initial tension may change into negative thoughts that get tough with time. Now you can see a few reasons why this happens with students.

  • Fear of the Unknown: If students could travel to the future and see their grades, this entire thing would be easy. This fear happens before writing an essay; students start to think, “What if I can’t find anything to write about?” What if they fail? So all these “what ifs,” when run through the mind, cannot process ahead. Also, a history of poor grades haunts students as they write their papers. To avoid all this, one can write all the fear on paper; this simple way prevents scholars from tackling these negative thoughts. So if you are feeling the same issue, you can try this out; it works in such cases.
  • Teacher Negative Remarks: If you have received any negative remarks earlier from your professors, it remains in your head for so long. For many students, this fear remains and transfers to other teachers too. This fear of judgment runs deep within them, so the next time they are assigned any essay or assignment, they fail to write it. To cope with this anxiety, they look for online assignment help. If you want to manage this issue, try to build a good relationship with your professors. It helps to create a sense of confidence and makes you realize that they are not harsh. Writing in a journal can also be beneficial for you.
  • Fear of Failure: This is a common problem that happens to everyone. Speaking directly, it is not the fear of failure that haunts scholars, but there are a few negative consequences related to underachieving. It includes personal: many students feel ashamed about their inability; interpersonal: fear of disappointing parents and losing the professor’s trust. So when you are in a university, there are a lot of obstacles that come your way. So, owning a fear of failure is one barrier that becomes a problem in achieving goals. So, if you face a similar issue, try to start without thinking of failures or negative thoughts.

Tips to Conquer Writing Anxiety

Many students become anxious and find themselves blocked because of negative experiences with writing. When you get stuck with words, it can be frustrating and tiring. Knowing the reason behind your anxiety can help you move forwards and eliminate your problems. Also, many ways can help you conquer the fear of writing in such a situation.

  • Just Start Writing: This may sound impossible, but you won half the battle just by writing. This is the biggest problem that various students face. They do not know how to start an essay. You must dump all the ideas and thoughts in the paper, whatever comes to your mind. So until you start something, how would you know what is required and what is not? When you start writing, only you will know where you are lacking and where you need to shape the words into something meaningful.
  • Create Smaller Tasks and Goals: Another problem while writing an essay is that it seems too large and tedious. This situation can become procrastination, but it can get easier with simple effort. When assigned an essay, divide your writing work into smaller ones. It makes your tasks manageable and helps you submit them on time. A good writer always writes in small sections, making writing easy and less tedious. If you are thinking about how to do this, then your answer is to examine the parts of the tasks, think about the logical order, create a timeline, and start writing. Also, it will help students avoid stress and procrastination.
  • Seek Out Experts: You know it’s always good to find someone more experienced (especially when doing any academic task). It’s obvious, as a freshman, you will face various difficulties in writing your paper. Sometimes you just need a mentor or someone with experience who can easily understand the problem and provide a solution. An expert is the best choice for this because as they are experienced, it becomes easy for them to help you at any stage. You can also learn from their writeups about how organized their writing is and how well they put their words together to write the best essays. So, never hesitate to reach out to them for any assistance.

These are a few fears or anxieties that every other scholar faces while writing an essay. In this article, you can see a few ways that help students overcome this fear. So if you are facing a similar problem, try this out.

After applying all this, if you still feel there is a need for an essay writing service, you can go for it. Taking help from experts helps students deliver their work on time and improve their grades. So this is the best decision they can make to reduce their stress. There are various options available, and you can reach them via call or chat.


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