Top webinar Platform and Services for 2023

top webinar platform

The webinar is a popular promotional and marketing tool. Hosting a webinar requires planning and management. Various webinar management services and platforms available in the market offer features that can help marketers host a successful webinar. Because webinars have various advantages it has become the first choice of marketers for promotional and marketing activities. 

Today in this article we will be discussing some of the top webinar platforms and service providers that can help in planning and hosting an effective webinar. These platforms have different features and pricing. 

Top Webinar Platforms For 2023 

Here are some of the most popular webinar platforms for 2023. 

1. Dreamcast 

The first platform on our list for hosting a webinar is Dreamcast. It is a highly customizable platform that offers top-notch services for hosting a successful webinar. The platform offers services to small, medium, and large-scale organizations. You can also get a free demo with Dreamcast. 

Here are some of the key features that Dreamcast offers: 

  • Highly Customizable Designs
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Complete Real-Time Analytics
  • On-Demand Webinar Service 
  • Engagement Features like games, polls, and surveys. 

2. Zoho 

Zoho Meeting is easy and affordable webinar software. It offers an effective experience for each user on their platform while providing consistent and helpful assistance. With the help of Zoho Meetings, you can quickly organize web presentations and hold free or paid webinars.

Here are some of the key features of Zoho 

  • Zoho is an economic platform for webinars.
  • It works on browsers and requires no application download. 
  • It offers interactive tools and screen-sharing capabilities.

3. WebinarJam 

Webinar jam is like a conventional webinar platform made for live events. 

To provide a platform combination that meets your webinar demands, it syncs flawlessly with EverWebinar. In addition, it is less expensive than most of the competition. Finally, it allows automation, analytics, and advanced and follow-up notifications to keep their viewers up to date.

Here are some of the features  of Webinar jam 

  • It is an on-demand webinar platform. 
  • Allows social media integration
  • It also offers SMS and Email marketing. 

4. EasyWebinar 

Easywebinar’s automatic webinar features make it easy and simple to reach a wider audience. Using the video-on-demand features of our recorded webinar software, you may establish connections with a wide range of people and increase your network. Numerous features are available, such as HD video, live webinars, evergreen webinars, pre-built sales funnels, a multi-presenter option, a chat function, a mobile app, a robust analytics package, and others.

Here are some of the  features of EasyWebinar: 

  • Offer live chat and interactive poll options. 
  • It comes with HD audio and video feature 
  • Offer email marketing and third-party interaction 

5. GoToWebinar 

GoToWebinar software is perfect for your webinars and web conferences. The software includes features that make it easier to retain clients and provide leads. In addition, email and notification reminders make it easier to stay organized and remember deadlines. GoToWebinar can cater to the needs of all sizes of businesses. Over 50,000 consumers use GoTo Webinar as their first choice to expand their business.

Here are some of the key features of GoToWebinars: 

  • Helps with branding and customization 
  • It offers audience engagement tools like surveys and polls. 
  • Also helps in lead management. 

6. BigMarker 

BigMarker is committed to offering users complete webinar features. BigMarker is a browser-based platform that manages online gatherings with many attendees and is a perfect webinar solution. Like any other webinar solution, BigMarker enables you to engage the audience with digital handouts, surveys, and in-person Q&As.

With the help of BigMarker’s CRM software connectors, turn your participation into leads.

Here are some of the features of BigMarker 

  • It offers live streaming on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 
  • The platform offers excellent customer support. 
  • It offers customizable templates for landing pages. 

7. LiveWebinar 

The live webinar is cloud-based webinar software. That allows seamless live video streaming, screen sharing, and social network broadcasting capabilities. It allows full customization.

With its cutting-edge features, LiveWebinar, a premier option, will revolutionize the webinar experience for your audience. You may create automated presentations that don’t appear pixelated and blurry by using HD recordings to capture your live webinars.

Here are some of the features of LiveWerbinar: 

  • Offers features like live chat, polls, surveys, and help in real-time engagement. 
  • Helps with real-time analytics and feedback collection
  • Allows live streaming on Facebook and Youtube. 

8. GetResponse 

The next platform on our list is GetResponse. It is a platform with top-notch email marketing features but it is also known for webinar services. The platform allows marketers to pre-record the webinar and help in generating leads. It allows integration with the third party and provides advanced integration. 

Here are some of the features of GetResponse: 

  • Offer webinar dashboard and webinar funnel. 
  • The platform can help in hosting both live and on-demand webinars. 
  • The platform also offers A/B testing for registration pages. 

The Bottom Line 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best webinar platforms and services. These webinar platforms have features like engagement tools, A/B testing, registration forms, HD audio video quality, third-party integration, etc. These platforms have unique features and help marketers create a promotional and marketing strategy. For hosting a webinar you can compare their features and price and look at what can suit your organization’s needs. 


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