Top Activities to Do In Delhi Under 999 Rupees

Activities to Do In Delhi

The metropolis of Delhi exudes a bustling ambiance, replete with an abundance of vitality and a profusion of cultural expressions, with plenty of things to do for everyone. Whether you’re finding for a taste of history, some shopping therapy, or great food and drinks, the capital has it all—and at very affordable prices. But if you’re on a budget, finding activities under 999 rupees can be tricky. To make your task easier, we put together this list of top activities to do in Delhi for under 999 rupees. From exploring historical monuments to visiting art galleries and more, here are the best ways to explore without breaking the bank.

Mystery Rooms- Price 667 Rs/Person

Mystery Rooms is one of the most popular activity centers in the city. It offers four missions: Hangover, The Kon of Kohinoor, Lockout 2, and The Conjuring. The center is located in Connaught Place, which is a central business district in Delhi.

The Hangover mission is set in a nightclub where you have to find your lost friend within 60 minutes. The Kon of Kohinoor mission is set in a diamond store where you have to find the stolen diamonds within 60 minutes. Lockout 2 is set in a prison where you have to find the missing key within 60 minutes. Finally, the Conjuring is set in a haunted house where you have to find the source of the haunting within 60 minutes.

All of these missions are spine-chilling and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment once you solve them. In addition, mystery Rooms are a great place for groups of friends or family as it provides an opportunity to bond while solving puzzles together.

E-O-D Adventure- 600 Rs/Person

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Delhi? Look no further than the E-O-D Adventure Park! With 14 challenging activities on offer, including a 150-meter-long zipline, this is the perfect place to have some fun.

If you’re searching for something a little more relaxed, enjoy the peaceful views while boating on Sanjay Lake. Pass through the park and take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful city.

Location: Gate no-2, Sanjay Lake, Pocket D, Mayur Vihar

Just Chill Water Park- Price- 650 Rs/Person

This water park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Delhi. The water park has a number of different slides, including the Godzilla slide, which is a 54-foot-long slide with 270, 180, and 90-degree turners that will keep you on your toes. The activity location is Main GT Karnal Road near GTB, Memorial.

Play Laser Tag- Price- 300 Rs/Person

Laser tag is one of the widely sought-after activities to do. It is a great way to spend some time with friends or family, and it is also a fantastic way to do some exercise. There are many different laser tag venues in Delhi, but Hauz Khas Village and Deer Park are two of the most popular.

The activity usually lasts for 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or 1 hour depending on the variant selected. It is a great way to have some fun and compete with friends.

Take a boat ride serene waters of the Yamuna

One activity that is perfect for those looking to save money is taking a boat ride on the Yamuna River. This river runs through the heart of Delhi and is a great way to see the city from a different perspective. The cost of a boat ride varies depending on the time of day and length of the ride, but it is generally very affordable.

In what ways can you optimize your Delhi travel experience?

When you’re planning a trip to Delhi, it’s important to budget for all of the different activities and attractions that you want to see and do. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money. Peruse these guidelines for optimizing your journey:

1. Visit the historical sites. Delhi is home to some of the most well-preserved historical sites in India. The Red Fort, Jama Masjid, and Qutab Minar are just a few of the must-see sights. You can uncover the rich history while getting Exercise by walking around these ancient landmarks.

2. Take a food tour. One of the best ways to experience Delhi is through its food. There are many different food tours available that will take you around to different stalls and restaurants serving up delicious local dishes. With a food tour, you’ll be able to try a little bit of everything and get a true taste of Delhi cuisine.

3. Shop at the markets. From street markets to high-end boutiques, Delhi has it all when it comes to shopping. For bargain hunters, head to Chandni Chowk, where you can find everything from clothes to spices at great prices. Or, if you’re looking for something more upscale, visit Connaught Place or Khan Market for designer labels and luxury items.


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