8 Simple Steps to Make Your Nails Long and Shiny Nails

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Nails are the real jewel one has, and it is important to take care of them if you want them to be naturally beautiful. Routine care and cleanliness are the best way to keep your nails healthy, long, and shiny. There are several ways to give the best care to your nails, and one of the easiest methods to keep your nails in good condition is visiting a nail salon Seattle WA. Depending on the demands, they begin pampering your nails with manicures and take it to nail extensions. But you can also practice nail care at home in simple steps. Make the following tips your habit and make your nails strong and well-maintained. 

1. Trim your nails

If you love long nails, then trimming is necessary. It will prevent breakage and avoid ingrown nails. The best time to cut or trim the nails is after a bath when the nails are soft. Make sure to soften the edge by rubbing them with nail filler. It will prevent nails from further breakage and severe damage over time. 

2. Apply nail serum

Nail serum has the required nutrients that will keep your nails healthy. Regular use of nail serum will keep the nails hydrated, much like body parts, which prevents them from dryness and brittle. The best nail serum will also make the nails harder, shiny, and more beautiful. Choose the serum, the almond or avocado oil, and apply it to your cuticles and nails before bed. 

3. Keep your nails dry and clean

Long moisture in your nails and uncleanliness promote the development of germs beneath your nails, which may go to your mouth while eating. It may be challenging to clean your nails if it stays a little longer, and it also increases the risk of developing split fingernails. If you are looking for healthy nails, the first thing you should do is clean your nails, no matter whether your nails are short or long. 

4. Avoid using harsh nail paint

Nails polish contains hard ingredients like formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate that weaken the nail. Repeatedly using bold pigmented colors for a long time can cause your nails to be yellow and weakened. It also makes the texture of your nails rough and reduces their shine. The best way to avoid the harshness of your nails is to massage them with olive or almond oil after one use of polish. It will also prevent brittle and keep your nails beautiful.

5. Use gentle nails polish remover

Nail paint remover is harsh on your nails as it contains acetone which may cause harm when used excessively. Acetone-free nail paint removers are mild and prevent your nails from drying out. It is always good to give your nails a massage of almond or olive oil to provide the required nutrients. 

6. Moisturize your nails

Yes, as said above, nails also demand nourishment, and nothing is better than an oil massage. An oil massage will keep your nails hydrated, soft, and shiny. Continuous oil massage to your nails also prevents damage and breakage that can be caused due to nail paint and the use of other beauty products. 

7. Eat a healthy high, protein diet

Protein is the best nutrient for nails that helps to keep them strong and healthy. Fish, almonds, and beans are rich in protein; adding them to your diet will make your nails beautiful and strong. Additionally, these food items are healthy for your overall health.

8. Stop biting your nails

If you bite your nails, stop it right away; you are putting your nails at risk, resulting in weakened and ugly nails. It might be hard to overcome nail- habits overnight, but it’s crucial since bacteria and germs can readily enter your body through abrasion caused by your teeth. 

These are the essential tips to keep your nails healthy and beautiful. Regular care will retain the natural beauty of the nails. Are you ready to give your nails the care they deserve? If yes, start following the tips mentioned and share them with your friends. 


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