Pink Sapphire vs Pink Ruby vs Pink Tourmaline -Battle Of Pinks

pink sapphire vs pink ruby

I’m sure you have heard the famous quote, “Pink is not just a color; it is an attitude.” It is not only women who accept the supremacy of pink but also men who love pink because of its calming and soothing vibe. Many gemstones come in pink color. You might have heard about the world’s largest cut pink diamond. Some gemstone jewelry enthusiasts call it the ‘Pink Panther’.

We can say that the Pink Panther is the ruler of the pink gemstone world, but who is the second-rater? Well before knowing this, you should know who all are in the competition, so here are the names of the challengers with a brief intro.

Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire is from a family of warriors. Sapphires are known for their hardness and rarity and pink sapphire is one the rarest color varieties of sapphire. Although some varieties of sapphire are easy to find, pink sapphire is not one of them. So, we can say it is a strong contender in the battle among the three pink gemstones.

Pink Tourmaline

While the audience was busy applauding both the other contenders, the third one was sharpening his sword. So please allow me to present the pink tourmaline, which is not so tough but which is more popular than the other two.

Hold your heartbeat, face-off is about to get started. The three legendary fighters will go through 5 rounds and these are not elimination rounds.

Round 1 – Hardness

In the first round, something interesting happened in the ring. Pink Tourmaline spent a long time in the warm-up but was knocked out in one punch. With a hardness score of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, pink tourmaline was not even able to resist in this round. Pink sapphire and pink ruby, having the same hardness, had a cut-throat competition.

Both have a hardness score of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Both gemstones are the second hardest, making them perfect for durable jewelry pieces. So, we have two winners in this round and legends say that the third participant is still unconscious.

Round 2 – Rarity

After a massive defeat in the previous round, pink tourmaline is still not in the state to rebel. Pink tourmaline can be found easily and is not considered a rare gemstone. Knowing this fact and after a debacle in the previous round, pink tourmaline straight away ran out of the ring as the face-off began. The other two opponents started grappling with each other. Natural pink sapphire is a very rare variety of sapphire and can only be found in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and parts of Africa. Ruby is found in many locations but finding a pink ruby is extremely difficult. The audience was enjoying the interesting bloodbath between the two opponents and the time ran out. Pink sapphire won this round by a slight margin.       

Round 3 – Color

Not every round of this battle is to test muscle power. This round is for the appearance of the three. So all three gemstones are dressed up in their best cuts so they can reveal their best color shade and the judges of this round are the end wearers. All three gemstones have shades of pink. Pink sapphire has a sparkling pink shade with a slight inclination towards purple.

Pink tourmaline’s pink shade is inclined toward pale. Pink ruby is a ruby with its red color inclined towards pink. Again it is a matter of personal preference, some people love to wear bright and sparkling gemstones and others want to keep it a little simple. So everyone has their own winner in this round. 

Round 4 – Affordability

The real fighter is not the one who always wins. It is the one who knows how to make a great comeback after a massive defeat. In this round pink tourmaline proved to be the ultimate fighter, dusting off the other two gemstones in a single move. The gemstone is way more affordable than pink sapphire and pink ruby. It is the first love for those who want a pink gemstone in their jewel but cannot break the bank for it. For those who love rare gemstones and can pay for luxury, pink sapphire is the best choice.

Round 5 – Popularity

There is a famous quote, “Avoid popularity if you have peace” The same thing goes with pink sapphire and pink ruby. They are not so popular, but they are at peace because they know they have worth. Pink tourmaline is popular because all the rich-looking and less expensive things are popular by default. If you need a pink gemstone that can compromise with hardness or durability, then pink tourmaline can be the best gemstone for your jewels. This is something that makes pink tourmaline popular over the other two. 

This brings us to the end of five rounds of the battle between the three pink stones and everyone has their own winner. Although the faceoff was interesting, it was not enough to gain detailed knowledge about the three. So, here are some interesting facts about these gemstones.

  • It is not easy to differentiate between ruby and pink sapphire. Pink sapphire gets its beautiful pink color due to the addition of iron and titanium impurities in the gemstone, whereas ruby stone gets its bright pinkish-red color due to the presence of chromium.
  • Pink sapphire is considered a symbol of good fortune, power, and love. Pink tourmaline symbolizes friendship, self-love, and compassion. Pink ruby is known to increase confidence and helps in improving vision.
  • For centuries pink tourmaline was confused with rubies, while in some Asian lore, pink sapphire was compared to the lotus.

So this was all about the three pink challengers. We hope you enjoyed the face-off and loved knowing facts about them. To get your ultimate winner and to keep it close to your heart in the form of a jewelry piece, wait for the sale and steal the best deal.  


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