Is It Safe To Keep Driving With Airbag Light On?

is it safe to keep driving with airbag light on

When the airbag light illuminates your car’s dashboard, immediately think about these two questions

1. Could the airbag go off at any point?

2. Will it still emplace if I’m involved in an accident?

You can’t be criticized for being concerned, your airbag is arguably your auto’s most important safety point, designed to cover you and your passengers in the event of an accident. The light coming on tells you that there’s a problem with your auto’s airbag system.

The first and most important thing to flashback if your airbag advising light comes on is that, should you be involved in an accident, your airbags won’t emplace. At the same time, this means that your airbag won’t suddenly go off in your face as you’re driving, but that’s secondary to your safety and that of your passengers.

So what should you do if your airbag light comes on?

The first thing you should do is have your auto checked by a good handyperson at your original garage. It’s vitally important that you have diagnostics run to find the cause of the airbag light and to have the problem fixed as soon as possible so your airbags will work again.

Obviously, this is easy if the light illuminates at the launch of your trip, as you can simply remain where you’re and call your garage. What if it happens whilst you’re driving and long hauls from home? Well, technically you can still drive your auto, but we wouldn’t advise anyone to drive anywhere without performing airbags, it’s not safe and is just not worth the threat.

In that event, we’d advise the following this way

1. Drive as precisely as you can.

2. Be indeed more apprehensive of implicit hazards and other drivers.

What causes the airbag light to come on?

The common causes of an airbag light coming on are, Airbags have been known to fail due to many different reasons. One of the most common ones is a bad connection between the battery and the circuit board. If the connection is not good enough, then the circuit board may short out and cause the airbag light to illuminate. Another possible cause is if the battery is dead or dying. If the battery is old or damaged, then it may not provide enough power to keep the circuit board working properly.

As is the case with other warning lights, there can be a myriad of reasons why the airbag light has come illuminated. They are some of the most common reasons

1. The airbag needs resetting

still, but it wasn’t severe enough for the airbags to be stationed, the airbag light will come illuminated If you have been involved in a collision. You’ll need to have the airbag reset at your original garage.

2. eroded detectors

If your auto has sustained water damage the detectors could have come corroded. This would produce a fault in the system and beget the airbag light to come on.

3. Depleted battery

When your auto’s battery has come drained, the airbag backup battery can come depleted and this will beget the system to report a fault.

4. Dislodged wiring

Still, occasionally the fault can be with the side airbag on the passenger side If your auto has side airbags. The cables for that airbag can come dislodged or damaged when the passenger seat is moved backward and forwards. However, we’d advise you not to try plugging it back in as you could spark the airbag, If you notice that a draw has been dissociated. Bespeak your auto into your original garage and let them check for you.

5. Faulty seat belt

It may be an issue with your seat belt detector. occasionally the detector that detects whether you have fastened your seat belts can come defective. When this happens, it can spark the airbag light to come on.

6. Your airbag timepiece spring may need replacing

The spring coils throughout your steering wheel and is designed to maintain durability between the wiring and the motorist’s airbag. Over time, the spring can come worn and fail, causing the airbag warning light to illuminate. This disfigurement is more common in aged buses.

The nethermost line is that, when your airbag light comes on, it’s vital that you don’t drive any farther and have your auto checked by a handyperson as soon as possible. Until the problem is diagnosed and fixed, your airbags won’t emplace. Your safety and that of your passengers are consummate so don’t ignore your airbag light.


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