How to Troubleshoot the Common Problems of Printer Ink Cartridges?

common problems of printer ink cartridges

When you buy a home printer and expensive ink cartridges to go with it, you want it to work without a hitch. It’s a common thing to get ink cartridge issues in your printers. These problems are not big, but your printer may get messed up if you don’t resolve them quickly. So, what should you do if you have ink cartridge issues?

Ink cartridges cause various issues that disrupt inkjet printers’ printing functions. Users can solve many common problems on their own, such as poor print quality, missing colors, and cartridges that are not recognized. This article will discuss common printer ink cartridge problems and how to fix them.

Common Problems of Printer Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are used in laser and inkjet printers. They are being replaced after a certain time to get quality prints. Apart from replacing ink cartridges, certain problems are occurring in the printers due to ink cartridges. The following are some of the problems that can occur with printers and their solutions.

1.    Colors are missing from the prints.

Inkjet and laser printers are used to produce high-quality color prints. High-quality color printers happen only because of ink cartridges. When you start getting prints with missing colors, your ink cartridges have a problem.

Colors missing from documents or photos may indicate that the ink in the cartridge has dried up. If the cartridge is not used for printing for an extended period, the ink dries up. If colors are missing from your prints, check the ink cartridge. If the ink cartridge is empty, the cause of the issue is a clogged nozzle.

2.    Non-Genuine Cartridge Message

Assume you use a compatible, refilled, or counterfeit ink cartridge instead of an OEM ink cartridge in your printer. In that case, the printer may alert you that you are not using a genuine ink cartridge. This is a fairly common issue with HP ink cartridges. This message frequently appears when non-OEM ink cartridges are used in HP printers.

A compatible ink cartridge’s gold contact chip prevents the printer from identifying it as a non-OEM ink cartridge. In this case, simply click the Ok button at the bottom of the message to dismiss it. Thus, fixing cartridge problems is easy. Also, if you are looking for OEM and non-OEM cartridges, contact Xerox Dubai and get them at affordable prices.

3.    The new cartridge is not functional.

To begin, remove the new ink cartridge and reinstall the old cartridge. The printer will begin printing immediately. Replace the old cartridge with the new ink cartridge as soon as the printer accepts it. A quick cartridge exchange often causes the printer to accept the new cartridge. After inserting a new ink cartridge, the printer may refuse to print and display an error message.

If the above method does not work, ensure you have not removed the protective seal from the ink cartridge’s nozzle. Even though the printer has accepted the cartridge, the seal on the nozzle prevents ink flow for printing.

4.    Replace the Cartridge/ Low Ink Message

This is a common issue with Canon Ink Cartridges, whether compatible or refurbished. Even though the compatible/refurbished ink cartridge is installed, the printer fails to recognize it and displays the replace cartridge/low ink message.

This message can be avoided in Canon inkjet models by holding down the RESUME, STOP/RESET, or COLOR START buttons for 5-15 seconds. Other brands and operating systems have different ways of ignoring this message. It is preferable to consult the instruction manual for more information.

5.    Leaking ink cartridges

A cartridge leak does not always imply shambles all over the place. When you open the printer, you may notice a small amount of ink on the cartridge. If the cartridge does not form a good seal when inserted, air may enter and cause it to malfunction, or the cartridge may leak.

You can sometimes repair a bad seal by removing the cartridge and reinserting it, but don’t press too hard, or you’ll damage your printer. Don’t give up if the cartridge claims to be compatible with your printer; if it leaks, you may still have some recourse.

6.    The ink Cartridge was not detected.

Don’t worry; this is a common ink cartridge issue with Canon printers. If the printer reports that only one cartridge has this error, turn it off and remove the faulty cartridge. Examine the contact pins and repair them if they are slightly bent so they can easily connect to the cartridge chip.

Then, gently wipe the contacts on the cartridge and printer using a dry lint-free cloth before replacing the ink. Double-check that you ordered the correct cartridges for your printer if you receive an error across the entire set. If everything is in order, look for a faulty cartridge. Remove all cartridges, and reinstall the old (empty) cartridges you previously used.

7.    Poor print quality

If you are getting prints for your business, it will also impact your business. This problem is huge because industries like schools and healthcare want quality prints with the best coloring. Ink cartridges of poor-quality damaged printers, resulting in poor print quality.

As a result, it is critical to purchase ink cartridges from a reputable Printer Cartridge Supplier, especially if you have chosen compatible ink cartridges. Xerox Dubai is a reputed printer ink cartridge supplier. It offers both OEM and compatible cartridge types at affordable prices.

Get New Cartridges for Your Printers Today!

Although not all ink cartridge problems don’t create bigger issues, some might affect your business productivity and your employee’s performance. Poor print quality and color missing from prints are major issues. They can only be resolved by purchasing new ink cartridges. Xerox Dubai offers the best quality ink cartridges at affordable prices. Do check it out.


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