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How to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Ads?

how to grow your email list with facebook ads

What is an Email List in Facebook Ads?

In Facebook ads, an email list refers to a collection of email addresses that have been collected from people who have shown an interest in your business or product. These email addresses can send targeted marketing messages, such as newsletters, promotions, or other updates.

When you create a lead generation ad campaign on Facebook, you can use a lead form that prompts users to provide their email address in exchange for something of value, like an e-book or discount code. Once a user submits their email address, it will be added to your email list.

The email list can then target your audience with more personalized and relevant messaging and track the performance of your ad campaigns. Additionally, you can use the email list to retarget the users who have already interacted with your ads, which may increase the likelihood of them becoming customers.

Growing your email list with Facebook ads can be done using the 6 steps:

  1. Create a lead generation ad campaign: Use Facebook’s lead generation ad format to create an ad campaign that prompts users to sign up for your email list.
  2. Target your audience: Use Facebook’s targeting options to reach the right people, such as those who have shown an interest in your niche or have visited your website in the past.
  3. Use a compelling call-to-action: Use a clear and strong call-to-action in your ad to encourage people to sign up for your email list.
  4. Use a landing page: Create a landing page on your website specifically for the ad campaign, with a sign-up form for your email list.
  5. Track and optimize: Track the performance of your ad campaign and optimize it to improve results.
  6. Retargeting: Use Facebook’s retargeting feature to target people who have already interacted with your ad or visited your website, and re-engage them with a new offer or incentive to sign up for your email list.
  7. Optimize your lead form: Use a lead form with minimum fields and make sure it is mobile optimized.
  8. Use a Thank you page: Create a thank you page after someone has signed up for your email list, to encourage them to share your website or refer their friends.


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