How Testing Overcomes Implementation Challenges of MS Dynamics 365?

challenges in implementation of MS dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of both CRM and ERP software applications that helps business-related organizational processes perform effectively. Initially, CRM and ERM were considered to be two completely distinct systems that were used for distinct functions within a workspace. However, as a cloud-based business application, MS Dynamics 365 is to completely unify CRM as well as ERP functions. 

Challenges in the Implementation of MS Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is quite a necessity for modern businesses as it helps in effective functioning through the integration of multiple business plans, managing complicated workflows with the help of third-party applications, or some systems working as a backbone.

While benefits like improved security, increased flexibility, and adaptability are ensured to businesses, the Dynamics 365 platform will be able to meet the needs only when a company has made an all-over test of Dynamic 365 before it is put to use. Some of the challenges that need to be attended to are as follows: 

  • Configuration

Since no two organizations have the same requirements when it comes to business processes, it is necessary for the business to configure the system properly on a case-to-case basis. This needs to be done at the time of implementation for it to be in coordination with every specific arena.

  • Customization

In case, the configuration does not serve the purpose of personalizing the Dynamics for the business, make sure that the implementation is customized using APIs so that all the requirements of the organization are met.

  • Migration

As implementation of the Dynamics 365 is not a singular process and is dependent on the data of the company, the data needs to be migrated to the new Dynamics installation.

  • Regular Updates

The Dynamics 365 brings in new updates almost every other day that may impact the implementations that include customization, configuration as well as integration. However, such implementations might get mishandled amidst the regular updates brought in by Microsoft. This needs to be taken care of. 

  • Tiring Task

As the entire process requires the act of combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with the already existing ERP and CRM, it is necessary to integrate different kinds of essential tools which include Office 365 and numerous third-party applications. This is necessary, even though tedious to ensure greater functionality and innovation within the system of the company. 

  • Re-writing of Soap API

As outdated Soap API is not relevant to the process, you need to rewrite that for the presently used WebAPI. This should be implemented only after going through a perfect testing environment as well as expertise.

  • Complicated

The implementation process is not quite easy and involves a number of complex processes. Therefore, it needs the supervision of the experienced since a small glitch or even a bug can lead to great damage ruining the value of the market.

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Performance Testing

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 performance testing has worked across various modules with the aim to improve efficiency through collaboration in the form of proper streamlining procurement, managing the supply chain, accounting of the finance, and many others. 

The aim of the services provided by the MSD ERP Testing program is overall coverage by meeting the ERP standards. 

  • There is the availability of industry-rich testing experts for the overall Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP
  • The service ensures that there are ERP implementations, production, rollouts, maintenance, upgrades, as well as support for the ERP applications.
  • It ensures reduced QA cost by upto 50%
  • There is the option of automated tools available across a number of enterprise systems
  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing also makes sure that there is zero defect leakage in the SDLC
  • The ERP automation testing quickly delivers results and reduces the overall time, cost as well as involved risks.

How Testing Companies Can Help?

  • Independent Verification

Dynamics 365 testing can help the business understand the security and transparency of the overall system so that there is no compromise with privacy.

  • Optimum Coverage

Dynamics 365 comes with the option of customization which will update it in a manner to suit the needs of the individual company requirements. Dynamics 365 testing will ensure that the best coverage is provided to all business processes. 

  • Faster Testing

With a faster testing method, it becomes possible to find as well as fix implementation defects without much difficulty and with much more efficiency.

  • Reduced Cost Coverage

One of the biggest benefits of Dynamics 365 is its wide accessibility and capacity to boost critical processes. Since there are risks involved in the implementation, a lot of costs can be reduced by testing all implementation situations. 

  • Integration Management

Dynamics 365 comes with designs and features that can easily integrate with the already existing processes. The integration becomes easier and smoother with the testing program of the MSD ERP testing service.

  • Routine Updates

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings in new updates on a regular basis, the testing makes sure that the entire process remains well-updated with the latest updating brought in by Microsoft.


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