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10 Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt Right Now

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There are many things that you can do to better the health of your hair. A lot of what you do on a daily basis can be instrumental in having positive effects on your hair and its growth. Your daily habits can either be bad or beneficial to the health of your hair. So, adopting healthy habits should not be optional, instead should be a priority. 

Here are 10 habits that could be beneficial for your hair’s health.

Proper and protein-rich diet:

A good diet can not only help in promoting healthy hair but can also be of help in promoting a healthy body. A protein-rich diet is considered to be very effective in giving your hair a boost toward growth. Having food items that are rich in proteins and vitamins are a must as it gives your body the nourishment that it needs to provide you with a healthy body and hair. Our body needs raw materials to build up new cells and improve our health. When we ingest healthy food, we give our bodies the much-needed push to have better health.

Avoiding cigarettes:

Avoiding cigarettes can be of extreme help to overall hair health and body health as well. It is always recommended to avoid smoking for better overall health. It may be difficult to leave smoking but even a little reduction in smoking can help tremendously.

Avoiding alcohol:

Avoiding alcohol intake or reducing alcohol intake can work wonders for the body as well as the hair. One can lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy good health and good hair if one does avoid alcohol. Alcohol can ruin one’s health and body in so many ways. An alcohol-free body is healthy and happy.

Stress management:

It is impossible to not feel stressed or to have a stress-free life. Stress is a constant and can motivate us to progress. However, unnecessary stress can lead to hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to manage stress in a proper manner. Identifying problems and working towards solutions can help manage stress. Proper stress management can lead to healthy mental, physical, and hair health.

Daily shampooing:

It is recommended that one shampoo daily. It is a good habit and can lead to a healthy scalp and hair. Often there is a misconception that it is unhealthy to wash hair daily but it is not so. Washing hair daily can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Keeping your scalp clean:

It is necessary to keep your scalp clean and safe from pollution and dust. A dirty and oily scalp can be problematic and can cause loss of hair. If the scalp is cleaned regularly then it promotes a healthy scalp and that results in a healthy head of hair.

Keeping track of your hair loss:

Most times people barely even realize that they have lost more than 50% hair because they do not keep the hair loss in check. It is important to keep track of your hair health and see a dermatologist for an in-depth consult. EUGENIX is one such hair specialist clinic in Mumbai and other parts of India.

Avoiding pulling or tying of hair in a tight manner:

Traction can cause hair loss too. For example, people who wear tight turbans or tie their hair in a tight ponytail, tend to experience Traction Alopecia. Hence, it is recommended that the hair are not pulled or tied tightly. The turbans can be worn loosely over the head. When making ponytails also, it can be made loosely and without causing damage to the hair. 

Avoid using too many chemicals on hair:

It is always recommended that natural products be used while styling hair. Unnecessary chemicals and harmful products can damage hair irreparably. Even for shampooing, gentle products should be used. Such as a mild shampoo, a nature-based hair cream, a gentle hair mask, etc. Too much of chemicals are harmful to the hair. Even the scalp may feel the brunt of the harmful chemicals that are sometimes put into our hair products.

Avoid straightening, blow drying the hair too much:

One should avoid straightening the hair or blow drying the hair too much. The heat from the blow dryer can damage the hair and make them brittle and lifeless. Straightening the hair also comes with its own damage. Hence, it is advisable to avoid them if one can. Even perming the hair can lead to hair damage. It can make hair brittle and damaged. So does bleaching the hair. Bleaching can ruin the hair completely and is one of the most unhealthy things to do to hair.

If some of these habits can be formed then one can enjoy a healthy head of hair for a lifetime.


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