Dubai Desert Safari With Bbq Dinner!

Dubai desert safari with BBQ Dinner

Dubai has a variety of entertainment in the form of luxurious hotels, glamorous malls, and towering skyscrapers to offer to its visitors. Besides, Dubai also has desert safaris that provide enchanting views to tourists. If anyone is planning to visit Dubai, he will experience a top-notch adventure there.

These desert safaris hit the visitors with the sandy waves, and they get a fix on their overwhelming excitement. The desert safaris are not very costly, but every penny you spend there is still worth it. But if you miss the visit to the desert safari during your stay in Dubai, then the whole trip is imperfect and non-ideal.

Dubai Desert Safari:

Desert safaris and adventure-filled rides are essential as the visitors can experience quad biking, sand boarding, and dune bashing in 4×4 vehicles. Professionals inspect these cars daily, so there is no need to panic.

Moreover, they are equipped with first aid kits and different beverages to be used in case of any emergency. Besides these, the ship of the desert is also available there. Camel ride has their charm as it provides a chance to adore the beauty of the desert while having a slow ride.

Furthermore, fun activities like traditional dances, henna painting, and cultural shows are also organized for the visitors and these kinds of sites are jam-packed in the evening. 

BBQ Dinner in desert safari:

After getting enjoyed, you will be welcomed with qehwa and dates when you reach the campsite. Apart from it, water and soft drinks are available in large quantities for the guests. These campsites also have falcons for tourists. Tourists get excited about seeing them and get photographed by making them sit on their arms or shoulders.

Basic flavors of hubbly bubbly and Arabian windpipes are also present, and you can sip them while sulking in the corner. Premium flavors of sheesha and alcoholic drinks have separate bars and are served at extra charges.

Apart from all, if you want to indulge more in Emirati culture, you can dress up in an Arabian costume. Gets your hand tattooed with Arabic henna and listen to the Arabic songs at the campsite until the succulent BBQ dinner and buffet are arranged.

This international buffet consists of many vegetarian and non-vegetarian items and a large variety of beverages and desserts and is arranged at a buffet table on the campsite ground.

Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks are included in the package, but if you want to enjoy a meal with alcoholic drinks, you must pay extra money. This buffet dining also allows you to enjoy delicious meat being grilled at direct heat sources. This meat is no doubt a treat to taste buds. If one is not fond of meat, he will not resist enjoying the succulent BBQ in the emirates.

If you want to enjoy your gathering, there are many designated spots throughout the desert. Book them and spend quality time with your loved ones while grilling meat under the starry skies.

Live performances:

Different live performances, including fire shows, tanoura dances, and belly dances, are also held to make the evenings at the campsite more memorable. Dancers show their distinctive moves and grab the attention of attendants.

The venue’s interior, where all these performances are held, shows the enriched Emirati culture, which makes all this super dreamy, making it obvious that the night spent at such a place can never be forgotten. We are sure that when you will land on the safari land and capture yourself in the mesmerizing sunsets, a smile will pass by your face. 

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