Gojek Clone App 2023 – Top Features, The Benefits & Development Costs

gojek clone app

Due to the rising demand from consumers for on-demand services, entrepreneurs have been forced to develop on-demand applications. Such apps that mix many services are plentiful, which intensifies the competition.

What Does It Take To Develop A Gojek-Style App?

They have found great benefits from the Gojek Clone software from V3Cube, a super-app that provides a variety of services to its users. It provides a number of services through a single application. The explanations for selecting our top Gojek clone app are provided below and will be further upon in a later section of this post.

This includes, among other things, rental and ride services for motorcycles as well as Uber-like taxi booking services. Store-based deliveries of groceries, meals, prescription drugs, water bottles, and other things are included in on-demand delivery services. The delivery of packages and on-demand services like handyman jobs, car washes, babysitters, dog walkers, doctors, and other professionals are among the main features of the All in One App. It is followed by On-Demand Medical Services, which provides a range of medically relevant services like connectivity to blood banks, ambulance services, pharmacies, etc.

Service Bid and Online Video Consultation are two further new capabilities that have been added to the app. With the help of these modules, customers may schedule a video session whenever they like for the services they need and complete their tasks on time and within their budget.

Significant Features Of Gojek Clone App

Fingerprint and Face ID login

The time saved by using face ID or a fingerprint to log into their apps would be greatly appreciated by your users. Their need to remember usernames and passwords is eliminated.

Driver’s reward

You may encourage your drivers to work harder by adding the driver reward option. As they work, they will earn levels and badges based on the quality of their job, which will motivate them to compete for more. At the conclusion of a specific time period, you can give your drivers awards based on their badges or levels.

New UI/UX Sign-in process

The Sign in and Sign up journey now includes the mobile number and OTP-based authentication. Passwords and usernames are no longer necessary using this technique. The redesigned UI/UX for sign-in and sign-up flow places a lot of emphasis on the user’s mobile ID and cell number.

Back to Back Trips

While driving, the driver can use this technology to receive fresh ride requests. Drivers can spend more time making money and less time waiting if they accept these back-to-back trips.

Video calling

Through the in-app video calling feature, consumers, service providers, and delivery personnel can connect without sharing contact information. They can quickly resolve their issue this way.

Integration with Payment Gateway

With the integration of a payment gateway, a Gojek clone software allows you to collect payments from your clients via numerous methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. Your consumer base will grow and your sales will increase as a result.

Support for several languages and currencies

To reach a worldwide audience, the clone script supports multiple languages and currencies. Your business will expand dramatically as a result of being able to reach new markets.

Get Your Gojek Clone Script Solution Now

One of the most well-known on-demand multi-service app-based platforms now available is the Gojek clone app. Therefore, most business owners prefer to get their Gojek clone software from a reliable on-demand mobile app development firm.

If you want to build a Super App that offers comparable services to Gojek, work with a Gojek clone app development company. It is a White-label Script Solution offering 100% customization, along with a prominent display of the app’s owner’s logo and brand name on the app. Other notable changes include customized additions like the inclusion of the app owner’s preferred local languages and currencies.

Benefits of leveraging Mega App:

  • Offering more than 100 services on the go
  • Easily accessible to the users
  • Safer and more convenient to use
  • Builds brand credibility
  • Mobile-friendly
  • 100% customization that enables the app owners to make modifications accordingly
  • Greater profits
  • The steady flow of revenue

The Cost of Developing Gojek Clone Script Solution

We are aware that Gojek is the most well-liked on-demand service platform in Indonesia. The business has offered services in a number of sectors, including delivery, payment, ordering food, and transportation. Gojek has recently inspired other businesses due to its distinct business model and successful track record.

Such scripts are provided by numerous businesses at various costs. The price is determined by a number of variables, including the business you select, the features included in the script, and whether or not you require modification.

Typically, a simple Gojek clone script starts at roughly $2500 in price. The cost may go to $5000 or more if you require customized features.

In Conclusion

This article gave us a clear image of the benefits of selecting the V3Cube Gojek clone that takes the company online, enhances user numbers and revenue, and gives entrepreneurs more confidence to manage profitable businesses. Additionally, the company’s crew offers constant assistance to business owners. Visit our website to know more about us.


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