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One of the most well-liked web page builders for WordPress is Elementor. It is simple to use, loaded with features, and best of all, it comes at zero cost. You may create any type of page you need with Elementor, from a straightforward landing page to a sophisticated business website. However, you need to add certain Elementor widgets if you want to go beyond the limitations of your website design using Elementor.

You can use a few additional add-ons or widgets to design and create more complicated layouts for your company or blog if you’re using Elementor to set up a site but want more freedom.

Elementor Widgets

With the help of the Elementor widget, you may enhance the performance and unanimity of your websites without having to learn any coding languages. Typically, Elementor widgets are used for

  • to show text or photos or 
  • to build diverse content or
  • access tools like shopping carts and contact forms for users

In the Elementor widgets panel, there are dozens of helpful widgets. Different categories have been created to separate these widgets. Each widget comes with a set of controls that let users personalize it.

The Most Used Widgets for Elementor

Let’s look at a few of the most well-liked Elementor widgets and learn how to apply them in your upcoming project.

  1. iFrame Widget

Users can view material from other websites using iFrames without exiting the website.

Images, movies, maps, and other types of content from other websites can be shown on your website using iFrames. You’ve probably seen YouTube videos incorporated into several websites.

Additionally, as the embedded information is still being stored on external websites, no copyrights are being broken here. The embedded content is not kept on your server.

Elementor has many shortcode incorporation options because it is open-source software. You may quickly embed different content kinds from other websites with the iFrame widget.

Navigate to “iFrame” through the Elementor Dashboard or scroll down and look for “iFrame Widget”. Now, drag it to the column or position you want.

  1. Animated Heading

Utilize the Animated Heading widget to change the web page’s or post’s title. You may then animate the heading or individual words using this tool.

You can add 16 different animation styles and 5 pre-configured animated templates to your texts.

This widget offers a wide range of customization options, including the ability to alter the fonts, background, color, highlight headings, and much more.

  1. Elementor Post grid, List, and Carousel slider

One of the finest ways to advertise a company and boost organic internet traffic is through content marketing. The post grid, list, and carousel slider features of Elementor make it easier to present the content in a style that is more appealing to visitors’ eyes.

You may manage the quantity, kind, and category of posts you wish to display on the page with this widget. You have a lot of options to change the colors, fonts, spacing, and other elements.

  1. WooCommerce Mini Cart Widget

Online shopping is expanding, and traditional establishments must contend with it head-on.

You can increase sales by improving the customer checkout experience with the WooCommerce Mini Cart widget.

This widget enables you to include a tiny cart in your internet store’s header. The user may access the checkout page right away after clicking the cart since they can view the goods that have been added to it right away.

  1. Image clipping mask

You can creatively display your photographs on the internet with Image Clipping Mask.

You may create masks without using Photoshop because the widget includes more than 30 pre-established mask pictures. This widget offers a wide range of personalization options as well.

The most interesting aspect of using Elementor widget plugins is that you can build new designs without writing a single line of code yourself.

Users of the WordPress Elementor plugin have access to a limitless selection of user-friendly widgets. With the help of these Elementor widgets, you can add sophisticated functionality to your web pages without having to write any code.

Benefits of Elementor

The best page builders are rivaled by Elementor, which is free and simple to use. It has a variety of attributes, such as:

  • an interface with drag and drop
  • alternatives for advanced personalization
  • Integration with additional plugins

The makers of Elementor have also put a lot of effort into making it simple for both consumers and developers. It implies that you’ll find a sizable user base eager to assist one another through forums and user support websites.


Utilize Elementor widgets to enhance your designs. It has never been simpler to construct a website thanks to Elementor and its free widgets. With these apps at your disposal, the options are unlimited.

You may expand your website construction capabilities and breathe fresh life into your projects with Elementor widgets.

With the help of these simple tools, you may design personalized features, distinctive layouts, and even new template types.

Along with boosting your webpage with Elementor widgets, it is also beneficial if you have good customer support to attract and retain your clients. Ensure that your customer support personnel is knowledgeable and professional. And an even better option would be to outsource your customer support to a company that is an expert in this field. 

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