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A Brief Introduction To Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants prove to be an excellent way to improve one’s smile. It is no less than a revolutionary treatment in modern dentistry. A dental implant is nothing but a false tooth that is surgically secured in its place right into the jawbone. It is a lifelong solution to the problem of lost tooth or teeth. 

If you are planning to undergo this treatment to overcome the problem of your lost tooth then this blog post is meant for you. In the following section of the blog post let us explore few interesting and important facts about this cutting-edge and revolutionary oral health treatment. The information shared in this blog post is likely to help you take an informed decision whenever necessary.

Few important facts about dental implant treatment

  • Enormously high success rate – if you look at the statistics you will know teeth implants happen to be one of the most successful procedures not only in modern dentistry but also across the world of medicine. Now let us discuss a few perspectives to make the fact more obvious for everyone. The average success rate of hip replacement surgeries is quite high and is nearly 90%. Whereas teeth implant procedures have a success rate ranging between 90 and 95%. Therefore if – as a patient – you can trust a surgeon to perform a hip replacement surgery on you then you can as well place your trust in a qualified dentist to carry out implant treatment in your jaws with greater ease. 
  • Implants have existed for decades at a stretch – implanted tooth or teeth are nothing but false tooth. It is interesting to share in the ongoing context that that false teeth have existed in the annals of history over the centuries. Excavations made in Italy that date back to 700 AD show dentures that were made from the teeth of both man and animals. These days both dentures and dental implants are steadily rising in popularity. An increasing number of both men and women – cutting across age groups – are taking this treatment to solve the issue of their lost tooth or teeth. As such the earliest version of modern implant was a titanium implant which dates back to 1965. Thus over all these years the technology has only improved as much better and effective teeth implants are now available. 
  • Highly durable solution – on average an individual wears an implant for nearly 18 years. Although that is a pretty long span of time but that figure can dramatically improve if you invest minimal care and attention on your implanted tooth or teeth. As a matter of fact an implant is nothing short of a lifelong solution to your lost or missing teeth. There are lots of help tips available on the web on how to take proper care of implanted tooth or teeth. You can easily extend the life of your tooth or teeth implant further by following those tips.
  • A brand new smile in a day – Implant treatment enables you get a brand new smile just in a day. These days technology has improved magically to provide patients with facilities like same day smile treatment plan and fast healing procedures. Thus you can get your new and improved smile faster and start feeling better quicker. 
  • Administered with local anaesthesia during the procedure – the implant procedure is invasive in nature and yet you can be rest assured not to experience any notable discomfort while undergoing the treatment. Thanks to the use of local anaesthesia, the invasive procedure turns out to be as smooth and painless as you can imagine. Local anaesthetics that are administered on patients before the procedure make sure your senses are only a little numb although you are totally aware about what is going on around. As such no stone is left unturned to ensure you have a smooth, painless and comfortable experience throughout the execution of the treatment procedure.  

Steadily growing popularity of implants treatment 

You may not be aware but popularity of teeth implants is steadily rising across the UK. No less than several thousand of these cases are taking place in the country every year. As far as the treatment on the lower jaw is concerned over 10,000 cases are registered in each of the last few years. The number of cases for the upper jaw is another several thousand if not more. As such the implant procedure is increasingly becoming popular and trusted for people who want a permanent solution to their lost or missing tooth or teeth. 

Implants not only look and feel but also function just like your natural teeth

If you are concerned whether the dental implant will look as genuine and convincing as your natural teeth then you should rather put your worries to rest. Your chosen implant specialist will walk the extra mile to select an implant that perfectly matches with the rest of your natural teeth in terms of both shape and color. It is indeed very difficult to distinguish between a natural tooth and an implant. Moreover an implant, unlike dentures and bridges exerts the similar strength as your normal teeth. 


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