Why Do You Need Large-Format Tiles In Your Home?

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Have you thought of using large format tiles in your house but been concerned about the size? These ceramic tiles are substantially larger than what you may anticipate for floor tiles. They come in sizes ranging from 12 x 24 to 40 x 120 inches, and occasionally bigger sheets. However, that does not imply that they are overly big for most houses. It implies that you want expert installers.

It’s uncommon for a novice to possess the abilities (or required equipment) to deal with large-format tiles. We think you’ll agree that these tiles would add a lot to your house after learning about some of the advantages of installing large-format tiles and the necessary equipment to do so.

What are large format tiles? Why should you use large-format tiles in your home?

Wall or floor tiles larger than the typical 12’’ x 12″ tile can cover a substantial area and are sometimes referred to as “slabs.” Large-format floor tiles are frequently found in supermarkets, hotel lobbies, and even on the exteriors of other commercial buildings. Even if many of the traditional tiles may be outdated and in need of replacing, they are great for a home. We urge you to consider replacing them with large-format tiles if this is the situation where you reside. This is why:

Appeal to aesthetics

Larger tiles provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface since they have fewer grout lines. Large-format floor tiles can make almost any space appear bigger. Longer rectangular tiles will provide the impression of additional space by directing the eye toward a room’s furthest corners. Despite being simply an illusion, it can have a significant psychological impact. Large-format tiles might improve an open floor plan or a larger room. Even when the room is generally tidy, smaller tiles with their numerous grout lines can occasionally fill the space.

Efficient and simple cleaning

Large floor areas without grout lines are simpler to keep clean than those with narrow grout lines. Additionally, a large-format tile arrangement reduces the need to clean the grout, which is known to harbor viruses, spills, and debris. Virtually the same materials are used in large-format floor tiles as in smaller ones. Therefore, it is advisable to adhere to the cleaning instructions for the particular makeup of your tiles.

Grout lines do collect some dirt, so be careful to brush them sometimes. However, it’s not nearly as difficult as cleaning floors with a lot of visible grout since the lines joining large-size tiles are so minute.

Materials and installation cost

Sometimes it is less expensive to acquire and install large-format tiles. When and if fewer individual tiles are required to cover a larger area of floor or wall, materials that mimic genuine stone can occasionally be less expensive.

The tiles themselves, the grout, the cement, and other installation supplies all play a role in efficient work. In terms of labor, employees could take a little less time to lay single tiles with a bigger surface area. However, only if they have prior expertise in handling them while using the appropriate tools. Due to cutting, aligning, grouting, and the requirement to make sure all tiles are level, laying smaller tiles requires more effort. In other words, because there are fewer joints, laying large-format tiles could be quicker and need less attention to detail.

Customization of tiles

A clear advantage of big-format tiles over smaller ones is that, in most cases, only one large tile has to be cut as opposed to several little ones. This implies that it’s not usually necessary to line up the borders of many cut tiles. That is, of course, assuming that the cuts are performed with extreme care, by a skilled individual, and using the appropriate tile saws or manual cutters. View the entire selection of RUBI Tools Slab System for this kind of installation or execution.

Durable and lightweight large-format porcelain tiles

Did you know that porcelain makes up the majority of large-format tiles? The manufacturing process is to blame. Because of the way that it is stamped or pressed before firing, its composition is denser than that of other tiles.

As a result, porcelain is a common large-format floor tile that can be produced in bigger proportions and is highly durable. Porcelain tile is substantially lighter in weight than other slabs made of natural stone, for example, while having a higher density and bigger size.

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