What Must you Know about Personalised Number Plates?

Personalised Number Plates

A person wants to invest in Personalised Number Plates for various reasons- maybe they want to differentiate their car from another’s car, pay to their nickname, or show off their fresh whip. Whatever your reason is, it is crucial to understand what factors are included while purchasing a new number plate for your own car. In this post, the important considerations for buying a new number plate have been discussed clearly.

How to Buy a Personalized Number Plate?

  • When you want to buy Personalised Number Plates, you can buy them from private sellers who are experts in selling and buying number plates or from the DVLA.
  • You can visit their websites to purchase them for a set price, as they usually auction the plates. Here, you need to set up your own budget and check out whether the number plate must come within your decided budget.
  • Usually, the number plate suppliers have different service deals at different price ranges that depend on which website you use to buy number plates.
  • A buyer needs to focus on the methods and budgets. However, it is important for the buyer to ensure the received number plate is genuine, so you need to check the seller’s background.
  • It is also important to ensure you perform the proper checks, as many fake number plates are available in the market. It has been identified that fake number plates can cancel your insurance policy.

Things to consider while purchasing a personalised number plate

  • In general, most people want to select the number plate that reflects their actual name or nickname. If you want a direct or exact copy, then you can choose any of the Personalised Number Platesthat can cost you good money.
  • Many experts recommend looking for a cheaper number plate with a difference in your name or initials. In this way, you can get your required result of having your own name on the personalised plate, but you may have to make a sacrifice. Likely, you are able to save more money by choosing similar characters and numbers.
  • You are able to find the best deals on the number plates by being flexible and looking for alternatives.
  • You should not avoid the fees relating to purchasing the number plate and including the cost of your car.

How to add your personalised plate to your car?

  • There are two ways to add your Personalised Number Platesto your car. Either you can select to assign the personalised plate yourself, or the number plate seller will process the necessary forms.
  • After you buy a new personalised plate, then you will get your entitlement certification or your retention document.
  • When the number plate arrives, you need to register it free of charge by checking the official website of the Government and enjoy your new personalised plate.
  • When the processing starts, you can switch your personalised plates immediately. Keep your old number plate with you if you want to swap your newly bought personalised plate to your car and change the car.
  • You need to follow up on the proper steps while re-arranging, altering, or misrepresenting a registration plate. This is because any kind of mistake can threaten your registration, and you do not even return the compensation amount. Also, it may lead to a £1,000 fine in the U.K.

Do personalised plates affect your insurance?

The answer is no – the Personalised Number Plates do not affect your insurance policy. But you must inform your insurer about your changing number plates. It has been identified that if you are not informing them about your changing number plates, then it may lead to invalid your insurance policy completely. For instance, if you are involved in a road traffic accident, you will not get insurance coverage.

Is it possible to transfer your personalised plate to your new car in the upcoming years?

The answer is yes – you can switch your Personalised Number Platesto your own new cars, but you may have to give a small fee. It has been identified that the car owner has to fill V317 form and submit it to transform the number plate into a new car. Also, you need to give an £80.00 fee transaction to switch. Along with this, you need to show the V5 registration documents and a relevant M.O.T. for both vehicles.


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