Sonos Move 2 Review: A Slam Dunk Sequel

Sonos Move 2 Review

The Sonos Move 2 Review, priced at $449, is a worthy successor to the original, offering significant improvements in various aspects, although it does come with a $50 price bump. Here’s a closer look at what the Move 2 brings to the table.

Enhancements Galore: Sonos Move 2 Review

The Move 2 doesn’t just improve on its predecessor; it takes things to the next level. One standout feature is stereo sound, a major upgrade from the original mono audio output.

The Move 2 boasts substantially extended battery life, making it a reliable companion for longer listening sessions. It also offers versatility with line-in playback and the ability to reverse charge your devices via its USB-C port.

Design and Colors:

In terms of aesthetics, the Move 2 maintains the same overall look as its predecessor. It’s not the most compact or lightweight portable speaker, measuring 9.53 inches in height and weighing 6.61 pounds.

It’s designed for ease of movement within your home and outdoor spaces. The inclusion of a built-in handle makes it convenient to carry.

Color Options:

In addition to the standard black and white variants, Sonos offers a stylish green color for the Move 2, which adds a touch of flair to its design.

Features and Controls:

After Sonos Move 2 review, It retains familiar controls, including the power button, Bluetooth pairing button, and a physical switch for the built-in microphones, all located at the rear of the speaker.

It supports automatic Trueplay, which optimizes sound based on its surroundings. Voice controls are enabled through Sonos Voice Control and Amazon Alexa.

Notable Omissions:

Unfortunately, the Move 2 lacks Google Assistant, a feature present in the first-generation hardware. This absence might be a drawback for users who heavily rely on Google’s voice assistant.

Speakerphone Functionality:

Another minor letdown is the absence of speakerphone functionality for calls, despite having Bluetooth and built-in microphones. This omission is puzzling, as many lower-priced Bluetooth speakers offer this feature.

Expanded Capabilities:

On the positive side, the Move 2 introduces several new features. It supports line-in playback (with the purchase of a $19 USB-C adapter), allowing you to connect external audio sources like turntables and play the content across your Sonos system.

Bluetooth audio can now be synchronized across grouped speakers, enhancing convenience. The Move 2 also continues to support Apple’s AirPlay 2 and offers direct control with popular music services.

Charging Convenience:

The Move 2’s USB-C port at the rear can charge external devices, providing 7.5 watts of power. While not exceptionally fast, it’s a useful feature for topping up your phone’s battery while enjoying music outdoors.

Improved Battery Life:

Battery life on the Move 2 has more than doubled, reaching up to 24 hours of continuous playback. This improvement is attributed to a larger 44Wh battery and power-saving optimizations. The battery is also replaceable, ensuring long-term usability.

Enhanced Sound:

The Sonos Move 2 review maintains the original Move’s sound signature, offering balanced audio. It tends to underemphasize treble, but this can be adjusted using EQ sliders in the Sonos app. While not as powerful as Sonos’ flagship speakers, it provides a satisfying listening experience with improved stereo separation.

If you own the original Move and are content with its performance, upgrading to the Move 2 may not be necessary. However, for those who require longer battery life, appreciate the line-in feature, or desire improved stereo sound, the Move 2 is a compelling choice.

Its rich feature set, coupled with Sonos’ ongoing software support, makes it a standout product in the Sonos lineup. The hope remains that Google Assistant will make a return, but even without it, the Move 2 offers ample features and impressive sound quality.


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