Produce Safer Workplaces with Fingerprint

safer workplaces with fingerprint

For jobs that bear a high position of trust, you need a high position of assurance, and that’s what a point-grounded background check can give. Whether you conduct point background checks to misbehave with regulations and conditions, or you’re interested in conducting further thorough seeker background checks, Sterling is then to help.

Fight fraud by vindicating your seeker’s identity and history with the most unique identifier.


Fingerprints are unique to each individual and are not transferable between individuals. They are composed of ridges and valleys that are formed over time due to the skin’s natural oils. A fingerprint contains millions of tiny details that make them extremely difficult to duplicate. There are three basic types of fingerprints: palm prints, fingermarks, and toe marks. Palm prints are located on the palms of the hands and fingers and are commonly used for identification purposes. Fingermarks are located on the fingertips and are less detailed than palm prints. Toe marks are located on the toes and are the least detailed type of print.

Background Checks

Background checks are used to verify someone’s identity and history. These checks can be done using any number of methods including checking employment records, criminal records, credit reports, etc. When conducting these checks, it is important to consider whether the information being checked is relevant to the job at hand. If the person applying for the job is already known to have a criminal record, then they may not be hired even if they have no prior convictions. However, if the person applying for the position does not have a criminal record, they should still receive a thorough criminal history background check.

Fingerprint Background Check

A point background check researches the felonious and-criminal history of an existent.

characteristic is frequently needed for employment in regulated diligence similar to financial services or healthcare. Depending on your assiduity, characteristic conditions may vary by state. In any case, point background checks can help you produce safer workplaces, ameliorate your security footmark, reduce threats, and guard the data your guests entrust to you.


Biometrics is the use of physical characteristics to identify people. They are often used in place of passwords and PIN codes. In order to conduct a biometric scan, a person’s face, iris, retina, or fingerprint is scanned and compared to a database of previous scans to determine if the person matches the image stored in the system. Common biometric technologies include facial recognition, iris scanning, retinal scanning, and fingerprint scanning.


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