Pros and Cons of Air Suspension Kits

air suspension kits

Many different suspension systems can be installed in cars. We will now talk about the air suspension system, which is by far the most complex and challenging to understand of all of these alternatives.

Air Suspension

Instead of leaf springs, an air suspension system uses an airline system, rubber, and an air spring, also known as plastic or an airbag. An air compressor, valves, solenoids, and electronic controls are all connected to one air spring. The airbags in the car are inflated through various lines by an electronic pump called the onboard compressor.

Since they play a crucial role in regulating airflow and allowing it to access different system parts, valves are critical in this context. The solenoids in the airbags open and close as the system adjusts to various driving scenarios, changing the air that enters each airbag. This enables the airbags to inflate and vent properly.

The on/off switches, riding height, and pressure monitoring are all under the direction of the electronic control module. They are flexible and respond to stretching somewhat elastically. The rigidity increases proportionately to how much they are crushed.

Air Suspension Kits

Air springs can be inflated with more air when carrying a heavy load to provide more support, whereas the air can be deflated when carrying less load. Your car’s ride height can be adjusted so that it sits extremely low to improve its street cred or raised to a level that enables it to withstand irregularities and rough patches in the road. The only load support component that can be altered is an air spring, which offers a range of load and leveling capacities and a better riding experience.

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Pros of Using an air suspension:

Driver fatigue is decreased due to the decreases in road noise, harshness, and vibration and the improvement in driving comfort that these reductions produce.

The suspension system will endure less wear and tear because there is less vibration when driving heavily. Air suspension helps reduce the bouncing and rattling under the truck when it is empty and traveling over rough roads. It is possible to reach faster cornering speeds since the air suspension is better suited to road conditions.

Quick tuning:

A wide range of spring rates and load capacities are available for vehicles with air suspensions. The ride load and height can be changed in a couple of minutes thanks to its versatility.

Adapting to various situations:

Changing the spring rates and performance customization provides your car unlimited performance potential, allowing for real-time tuning and a plush ride for more comfort on a bumpy stretch of road. This is made possible by your car’s capacity to adapt to various situations.

Technology makes it easier for trucks and other large vehicles to handle heavier loads when towing. Drivers can increase the vehicle’s stiffness while towing heavy loads, which enhances ride comfort.

Cons of using an Air Suspension system:

●  Every air suspension has a chance of leaking, making it a frequent weak point. The mechanism will stop working when it can no longer retain air. Congested airways are a common reason for air suspension to fail.

●  Generally speaking, it is an additional cost when buying a vehicle. Only the most expensive sport utility vehicles, high-end and luxury cars, are equipped with air suspension.

●  The maintenance costs will be more than they would be for a typical coil and shock system.

●  The installation of an air suspension will take a lot longer because of how complex the wiring, pipe, and hose installations are. The installation itself necessitates the use of numerous different tools. Therefore, having it done by a skilled professional technician is the best method to guarantee that the driver’s safety and the car’s integrity are kept.

●  An air suspension system can cost three times as much to fix over ten years as a leaf suspension system if it is not maintained correctly.

●  The vehicle’s fuel efficiency may suffer due to the air suspension system’s heavier total weight compared to the weight of the leaf suspension.

●  Internal corrosion or moisture-caused damage to air struts or airbags may cause their malfunction.

●  A leak in the suspension system’s tubing carries air from the air struts or bags to the air system.

●  Failure of the air fitting due to wear and tear incurred after installation or from occasional use.

An Air Ride Suspension Kit is a complete suspension system upgrade that replaces a vehicle’s original factory-installed suspension system. The kit includes all of the components necessary to upgrade a vehicle’s suspension, including airbags, air cylinders, air compressors, air valves, airlines, and air fittings.

Air ride suspension kits are designed to improve the ride, handling, and overall performance of a vehicle, while also providing greater adjustability and comfort. They are popular among enthusiasts of all kinds of vehicles, from cars and trucks to boats and motorcycles.


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