Increase Profits With Uber Clone’s Premier Features for Taxi Booking

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For the flexibility and convenience of their workforce, existing businesses, startups, or even enterprises, on-Demand taxi app development makes a lot of sense. Uber and other on-demand taxi services have outperformed traditional taxi services. Mobility solutions as a service have begun to draw users away from privately operated taxi services.

To support this claim, it is necessary to note that in New York in 2017, Uber received 30 million more rides than traditional taxis. Statista projects that by 2025, the market for ride-hailing services will have grown at an average yearly rate of $126,521 million.

We suggest that you learn about the process of developing an on-demand taxi app in light of how quickly this sector is expanding.

  • IWatch App using Taxi Booking

Give your Apple customers the option to directly order a taxi from their wrist devices. This innovative feature operates exactly like a taxi booking app. It lets your users book a trip from their smartwatch, pay for it, and get the ETA. This might be a game changer for your Uber Clone Taxi App because it is simple, convenient, and appealing.

  • Restricted Driver’s Fraud

The Driver cannot label the Ride as “Arrived” until he/she has arrived at the location. Thus, it prevails transparency within the app ensures fair practices. This happens to build trust amongst your riders thus improving your customer base.

  • Push notifications with location data

With the help of this amazing marketing tool, you may reach out to a sizable audience where it matters most to accomplish your objectives. This shows that geo-fencing areas to target a certain population for announcements, promotions, the introduction of new services, etc. is simple.

  • Consent to cook pop-up

After users are told about the feature’s use of “cookies,” they are prompted to give their permission. The EU Cookie Directive and the GDPR are both followed by the Cookie Consent Popup.

  • Verifying cell phone numbers with Firebase

You can validate your phone number for free up to 10,000 times using Google Firebase. The app owner then has to pay following the plan package. It is substantially less expensive when compared to third-party SMS providers, which are paid and expensive.

  • Promo codes to lure more users

If you offer coupons, discounts, coupon codes, or other incentives, customers will use your online taxi booking app or website since everyone wants something in addition to outstanding service. You can offer discount codes for special rides during holidays and other special events, where customers will be rapidly lured to your services and spread the news to their circle.

  • Ride Status Graphics

The function gives the rider access by providing in-app notifications that update the status of the ride via graphical icons.

  • OTP confirmation before starting the ride

The user or other passenger will be asked for their OTP confirmation code by the driver before the trip starts.

  • Robust Admin Panel

Because of the intense competition and the congested highways, this ready-to-use Uber script app solution comes with robust Admin web panels that let you manage your on-demand taxi booking business online.

The Uber Clone App solution comes with built-in support for numerous languages, currencies, and safe online payment methods. Because it is a customizable taxi booking clone script, the administrator can make changes without the help of a programmer, including modifying the brand name, logo, color, themes, services, and price.

Launch On-Demand Taxi Business Using Uber Clone In A Low-competitive Region

Start a taxi company using an Uber clone in a place where there aren’t any Uber-like apps or few businesses providing a single specialized taxi service. Consequently, if you want to control the on-demand transportation market.

Launching a taxi business that offers taxi rides, motorcycle rides, taxi rental services, and bike rentals in locations including France, Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Bulgaria, Italy, Brazil, Luxembourg, Romania, or anywhere in the world.

Try the free trial before purchasing the Uber clone app

We are aware that there are some uber-clone app developers. Each of them promotes a different incentive to convince you to download their app. But because we value openness, we provide a free live trial of our Uber clone software as well as all of our ready-made solutions.

You can also get the software from the Play Store and the App Store. To organize your free live demo, get in touch with our sales team. Our knowledgeable sales representative will demonstrate how the app functions and be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the demo.

1200+ On-Demand Applications have already been made available by V3Cube for start-ups and established marketers to start their successful business journeys. Now is the time for you to build an Uber-like app and increase income while attracting the largest possible consumer base worldwide.

In Conclusion

No one design strategy works for all taxi booking apps. The ideal app is created based on the preferences of your target audience.

By developing a customized on-demand taxi booking system with the newest features, you may quickly grow your taxi business. When beginning a new taxi business and offering a variety of services, including Taxi Ride, Moto Ride, Uber-like moto rental, and Taxi rental services, keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind.

It’s now possible to make a million dollars with a taxi booking app comparable to Uber, especially if you start out in an uncrowded region. Choose a company that develops cab booking apps and can provide you with a customized app with Uber-like functionality. You’ll have a chance to stand out.


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