The Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services in Schools

Commercial Cleaning Services in Schools

It is widely known that childcare centers and schools are notorious breeding grounds for illness-causing germs. Due to the proximity of children in a small space, germs, bacteria, and viruses have ample opportunity to spread, which can cause significant outbreaks in very little time. As a result, it is crucial to maintain good levels of cleanliness throughout the facility. 

A child needs a healthy, hygienic environment to learn effectively. Moreover, to teach more efficiently, teachers also need the right environment. This is where the importance of hiring commercial cleaning services comes into play.

Why Clean Schools are Important

Every day, hundreds of children, teachers, and staff members pass through the hallways and classrooms of your school. They repeatedly touch doorknobs and use the toilets, drinking fountains, classroom desks, supplies, and keyboards in computer rooms. They may not properly wash their hands after using the restroom or cover their mouths and noses when coughing. This makes commercial cleaning services critical.

Let’s take a look at all the ways a hygienic learning environment can help students prosper:

Reduces the chances of getting sick:

The most important benefit is that regularly keeping your facility clean will prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from quickly spreading between students. This will result in fewer illnesses, fewer absences, and fewer lessons missed due to the flu, stomach flu, or common cold.

Commercial cleaners can clean surfaces through regular high-touchpoint cleaning and occasional deep cleaning. They can help you monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) to ensure your students breathe clean. Airborne viruses are contagious, and air purifiers fitted with HEPA filters can be your first defense against breathing contaminated air. Ask your commercial cleaning service what steps they take to clean surfaces and the air around you.

Improves concentration:

Studies worldwide have shown that 88% of students believe an unhygienic environment affects their ability to concentrate on the task and can become highly distracting. Moreover, cleanliness also impacts a teacher’s ability to teach, as seen in a study released by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Reduces sick days:

Schools were one of the first institutions to be shut down amidst the COVID-19 lockdowns because viruses find it much easier to spread in locations with more footfall, such as schools and universities. Although commercial cleaning cannot completely eradicate germs from a facility (nothing can!), keeping your surroundings clean can significantly prevent illnesses. When your facility is clean and hygienic, students and teachers automatically take fewer sick days.

Decreases chances of injury:

Messes need to be cleaned quickly to reduce the chances of injury. A serious injury on the premises causes problems for the people involved and opens your institution up to lawsuits. Moreover, the dust has been cited as a significant fire hazard and should be regularly removed to prevent unfortunate incidences.

Attracts new students

As much as parents look at your institute’s education standards, they also look at your cleanliness standards when deciding on a suitable school for their children. No parent wants to send their children to a school where their well-being and health are not prioritized. Dirty bathrooms, rubbish is strewn over playgrounds, grime-streaked windows, and the existence of bugs can all signal to a potential student and parent that the facility manager is not paying enough attention to the facility.

On the other hand, a well-maintained facility does not just impress students and parents but can even improve concentration and focus, allowing students to learn better, which in turn will improve their grades.

Prepares a new generation

Although learning begins at home, the school children attend has a major impact on the values they learn, how well they perform academically, and the habits they pick up. In addition to hiring facility services to ensure the cleanliness of your building, it is essential to take steps to ensure students are learning the right habits.

First, start by placing bins with easy access in several locations, so a child doesn’t have to look too far to find one. Then, install posters and signs reminding students to throw away their rubbish in bins. In bathrooms, place reminders to properly wash their hands, and depending upon the age of the students, you can also conduct exercises that help them learn how to do so. Install sanitizer stations and remind children and teachers to wipe down any equipment (such as shared art supplies and keyboards) after using them. Doing so will not only teach students how to keep their surroundings clean but will also keep your premises hygienic.

The commercial cleaning services you hire should be able to assist you in setting up sanitizer stations, stocking toilet paper, handwashing in bathrooms, and cleaning supplies in canteens. Many facility services also provide pest control, grounds maintenance, waste disposal, and maintenance services, so you can receive all services through a single provider.


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