How DMM Facility Management Getting Smarter With IOT

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Internet of Things or IoT is one of the most influential bits of technology that is changing facility management and making it one of the most advanced industries.

If we have to talk about the role of IoT in facility management then we will have to talk about the various FM programs at technological solutions that are being solved through this technology.

FM problems have always been around and so have been its solutions. However, none of these solutions has ever come close to the digital transformation that is shaping facility management systems all over.


The adaptation of IoT in facility management has increased dramatically in the last decade. Several facility management technologies are transforming the industry.

From FM software to IoT based facility management software to even the proper use of IoT data analytics to increase the efficiency of current systems, facility management has risen as an industry due to IoT.

So, let us find out how IoT can advance facility management as an industry and how facility management technologies have developed with IoT.


Anything that is data-driven has a higher chance of success.

The more businesses stop relying on probability the better their chances of predicting various outcomes at various levels of the business.

This is also similar to facility management, especially because in an industry like facility management there are a lot of data that is generated.

And if you miss out on this data then you are losing a great potential of having an upper hand over your competitors.

Data also serves as a point of transparency for your clients as data ensures that you give out trust by generating facts for your clients and thereby increasing the reputation of your brand immensely.

If businesses run on trust then data can be the shoes.

Data in facility management that has been analysed through IoT can be used in multiple ways and one of them is to test out the efficiency of systems.

Data will also help companies in taking more clear decisions.

Data also has the ability to prevent wrong decisions from taking place and thereby this is directly relevant to cost savings for the facility management company.

All the above benefits mentioned are possible due to the implementation of IoT technology in facility management.  These technologies make sure that data is always collected analysed and sent out to the right people at the right time so that not a single decision is taken with speculation.


Efficiency is probably one of the most important factors that are relevant to every industry and not just a facility management industry.

But when it comes to facility management efficiency becomes second to none because efficiency ensures the survivability of the companies.

The word efficiency in facility management can be broken down into various segments and one of the most important segments is workforce productivity.

Facility management is about sending out the right people to the right job at the right time and this is exactly why clients pay facility management companies.

Whenever technologies supported by IoT are installed, they allow the monitoring equipment to make sure that everything is running in perfect order.

These types of sensors help make automated decisions about whether a mechanic has to be allotted in case of any breakdown or if any technician needs to be sent out to any work site for regular maintenance.

The thing about efficiency is that it not only saves valuable equipment from getting damaged but it also makes a great impression on the client’s mind.

This is simple psychology as whenever the client sees that there is a technician coming regularly maybe monthly or weakly to visit and check certain equipment to see if it is okay then that works great for the reputation of the facility management company.

Efficiency also means the decrease in consumption of various fuels.  If certain machinery consumes less fuel and runs more efficiently then that means it will be additional savings for the facility management company or the client company.

This is crucial as facility management companies have special departments that make sure to always upgrade equipment and make changes so that equipment is running at its optimal efficiency.


This is often missed out in the humbug of the other benefits IoT brings but this is one of the most important roles why facility management companies even invest in this technology.

A facility management company is a company that needs to be alerted about every situation at all times.

This is not a company where there is only a human workforce but this is a hybrid company where there is a complex network of the human workforce as well as machine assets.

Therefore a facility management company needs to take care of all the elements involved in this industry and that is why an alert system is extremely efficient and helpful.

Let us take the example of a scenario where a piece of certain equipment has broken down and is releasing smoke as a result.  

If a smoke sensor is placed nearby this kind of machine and that smoke sensor is connected via IoT then the facility Management company can get real-time reports if the machine breaks down.

This was a simple example to help the crucial role alert systems can play.


One of the most important things that Iot Technology brings to the table is a morale boost.

The only time your business will be in profit is the time when your employees are happy and work with the utmost efficiency.

That is however not possible if the employees feel that they are not being taken care of.

One thing IoT technology brings to the table is that it stops wasting the time of employees and sends them out to various job sites whenever there is an actual need.

IoT technology and AI notifies a technician whenever a machine needs maintenance so that they can avoid trying to rebuild the machine if it is broken down permanently later.

This is brilliant because it bridges the gap between tasks and administration and makes it easier for the administration to assign people to work sides.

This was the blog about how IoT is improving facility management. If you are someone who is looking for a reliable facility management company to take care of various important services then we are here for you. We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd,  India‚Äôs fastest-growing facility management company and we are here to help you solve all your issues that require a facility management company. We have more than a dozen excellent services that will help manage and maintain your assets, properties and facilities.


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