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Groom In The Vroom! Mobile Pet Grooming in Dubai

mobile pet grooming in dubai

Your stinky cat or dog desperately needs a bath, but you have no time to take it to the groomer, or is your cat a little too paranoid about the bath water? Well here’s something that can give you and your pet the service you require at your doorstep! Mobile pet grooming is a business that is growing at an exponential rate especially in Dubai due to its high success rates. Below are the reasons why you should opt for mobile pet grooming.

It’s Convenient 

There are always a handful of roles that each of us is juggling. Taking care of a pet with a busy schedule sometimes feels like a liability. But pets need care and attention, they need to be fed and groomed to keep them healthy. This is why mobile pet grooming is a convenient option as it allows expert pet grooms to come to your doorstep and provide you and your fur baby with the best service possible. It saves time and keeps the owner’s schedule intact.

No Transportation No Worries

This service is especially beneficial for homebound seniors who cannot take their fur baby to the groomer. This service is increasingly popular with seniors with transportation issues. It is also easy for owners who have had a long day and just don’t have the power in them to struggle with their pets by putting them in a crate and dealing with the hectic car ride.

It’s Easier for Your Fur Baby!

 Car rides can be absolute hell for many pets, especially cats! Cats have 40% to 80% scent receptors in their nose, which is why they can be uncomfortable with various car scents. This can be overwhelming combined with all the unusual traffic noise. Dogs too tend to get car sick. Hence, a car ride to the groomer can be very stressful for your pet. Calling the groomer to your doorstep can make sure that you and your pet have a peaceful experience. The pet may not like the cleaning part but at least it could be saved from all the trauma it may suffer in the car ride to and back from the groomer.

Creates a Relaxing Environment for Your Pet 

Let’s face it, grooming can be pretty stressful for your pet, whether your pet is young, old, or just a little anxious. At the Salon, several appointments are going on at the same time. This is great when it comes to serving most clients but this creates a frustrating environment for your cat or dog, which can make your pet hate these grooming visits.

Special Attention to Older Pets 

Elderly pets need special attention during the grooming process. Maybe they have a hard time standing up or they have developed a chronic health condition. Whatever may be the requirement of your pet? Mobile Pet grooming can allow your pet the individual attention it deserves.

No Exposure to Other Pets or People 

As we all work to limit our contact with those around us, mobile pet grooming is the best option as it allows a single groomer to handle your pet. There will be no other distraction or responsibility on the groomer which is why your furry little friend will only be the center of attention and you never know, with all this special attention and care your pet may actually grow to like their grooming sessions.

A groomer can do a Full Range of Grooming Services 

Sometimes a busy schedule is not why people go for a professional groomer, it is also the lack of skills or maybe your pet is way too much to handle during bath time. Just like you wouldn’t try a professional haircut at home, in the same manner, you shouldn’t try to groom your cats and dogs at home.

Skilled in Necessary Unpleasant tasks 

As much as we hate to admit but the truth is that pets are prone to fleas and ticks. Many groomers refuse to help the pet in the salon as they fear contamination. This is why Mobile pet grooming is the best option in such a situation. A skilled, certified professional will be at your doorstep to relieve you and your pet of this unpleasant distress. 

They Can Alert You to any Health Concerns 

Although Mobile pet groomers are not vets, their interactions with the pet every day puts them in a great position to spot any health issues that may have gone unnoticed. Things like Suspicious lumps and dental issues are all the things that a professional groomer may notice. 

How To Choose the Best Mobile Grooming Service in Dubai

Mobile pet grooming businesses are gaining popularity due to their high success rates in Dubai but this does not mean that every groomer out there is the best for your pet. Every pet owner would love their furry little friend has the best experience.

Here are some tips to make sure that you give your pet the best experience

Reviews Reviews Reviews!

Before trusting anyone with your precious friend make sure that the groomer has a name in the market. The groomer should have consistent reviews. Search their websites and look for the types of treatments they give. Ask around as well.

What Should a Professional Mobile Groomer look like 

A professional mobile groomer in Dubai should have well-equipped vans, with proper grooming kits and good bathing and grooming products such as shampoos, toothpaste, and scents.

In Conclusion 

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind we would highly recommend “Precious Paws” to make sure that you and your pet get the best experience. Precious Paws include everything from in-store pet grooming to daycare to mobile pet grooming with the best products available and reasonable prices.

The Groomer should be a Certified Professional 

The pet groomer should be a certified professional, if you are not confirmed, never be shy to ask questions like, where did you get your certification from? or how long has it been since you started grooming? 

The groomer should have Gone with Grooming Skills 

Dogs and Cats come in all shapes and sizes, with different coats. Some are heavily coated, and some are not. Some have long hair, and some have short hair. A good groomer should be able to handle all such coats. 

Vans Should have Proper Kits and Sterilized 

These should be the first things to notice. A professional mobile groomer will take great precautions to make sure that his van is fully equipped with razors, clippers, shampoos, disinfectants, etc. 

Always Trust Your Instincts

Nevertheless, you should always trust your instincts before choosing a Mobile pet groomer. If the groomer is good enough, he or she becomes a permanent groomer to your furry little friend which is always good as your pet may get used to the groomer which makes the grooming process easier for the pet.


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