Google Ads Updates: Mobile Search Ads

google ads updates - mobile search ads

Google Starts Rolling Out New Google Ads Updates on Mobile and Desktop (News by Google 14th Oct 2022)

To build on those efforts, Google announced design changes to google search results that make it easier for people to identify websites and businesses at a glance and Google is extending these changes to Search ads as well.

Over the coming week google ads updates, business names, and logos will begin to show on mobile search ads to help users identify the source more easily. This is a beta, and more advertisers will be eligible over time.

How it works:

  • For eligible advertisers, Google will add your business name & logo when detected on your landing page to your campaign
  • You can review, remove or add these details when eligible
  • By default, Google will show the domain from your display URL & a blue globe icon

Lastly, ads will now be labeled with “Sponsored” in bold black text on mobile search results. To learn more about these updates bookmark

Business names and logos are currently available for mobile Search ads and will roll out to desktops next year. Posted by Senthil Hariramasamy(Director of Product Management, Google Ads).


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