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Does a Mother’s Mental Health Affect Pregnancy?

mother’s mental health affect pregnancy

Pregnancy is sometimes a really joyful and exciting time. However, not all women experience this. You might feel conflicted or even unfavorable about becoming pregnant. It can be more difficult for you than for others to handle the adjustments and uncertainties that come with being pregnant. Several factors can affect how you feel during pregnancy. These include physical health conditions (such as morning sickness) and the “or lack thereof” of support systems. and stressful life events. Women frequently worry about how they will handle their pregnancies or new babies. It’s common to have occasional worry or anxiety. When you are expecting, it is typical

• The modifications to your position (becoming a mother, quitting your job).

• The modifications to your relationships.

• Your ability to be a good parent.

• Concern that the pregnancy or the baby will have issues.

• Issues with physical health and complications during pregnancy.

• Aversion to childbirth.

• Being alone and lacking support

1 in 5 women experiences mental health issues during or after giving birth. 1-3 Anyone can experience it the most common psychological problems during pregnancy are anxiety and depression. About 10 to 15 pregnant women out of every 100 are affected by this. 4-5 You can experience many different types of mental illness, ranging in severity just like other conditions in life. It’s possible that you already had a mental illness before getting pregnant.

Past mental health issues can be concerning since they raise the likelihood of getting ill, especially after birth.

Several Factors Determine How Pregnancy Affects Your Mental Health.

• The kind of mental illness you have experienced in the past.

• If you stop taking mental health medication when you become pregnant, you have a high chance of relapsing. If you have experienced a recent episode, multiple episodes, or a serious illness, this is more likely.

• Recent traumatic occurrences in your life (such as a death in the family or the end of a relationship).

• Your attitude toward your pregnancy; you may or may not find being pregnant to be enjoyable.

• Upsetting memories of your own childhood struggles.

During pregnancy. Parental depression or anxiety may result in careless actions that harm a child’s mental health in the future. However, a more recent study indicates that a mother’s mental health during pregnancy can impact her unborn child.

Stress. According to studies conducted on animals, infants who are exposed to more stress hormones while they are developing are more likely to have an amygdala that is highly active. This indicates that their anxiety

Depression and anxiety. Another human study revealed that when nervous mothers were given stressful tasks to do, their babies’ hearts beat faster. Another early study found that newborns of expecting women with depression had reduced activity in the brain areas that regulate emotions.

According to additional studies, the birth weight of children whose mothers had depression during their pregnancies is lower. Additionally, smoking, drinking alcohol, or using other drugs while pregnant is more prevalent in pregnant women with anxiety and depression.

Antidepressants. Numerous studies indicate that some antidepressants might be safe to use while pregnant. According to one study, newborns exposed to the well-known antidepressant Prozac while they were developing did not have an increased risk of birth abnormalities.

Other comparable studies indicate that it would be safe to take other SSRI drugs while pregnant. Paxil is one antidepressant that pregnant women should stay away from. Some new-borns experience antidepressant withdrawal symptoms for the first two weeks after birth, which can include:

  • Tremors
  • poor nutrition
  • excessive agitation
  • rapid breathing

Additional Psychiatric Drugs

Under the supervision of a physician, mood stabilizers and some antipsychotic drugs may be safe to take while pregnant. However, valproic acid is a mood stabilizer that pregnant women should stay away from (Depakene). It raises the chance of birth abnormalities significantly.

In case of an unexpected pregnancy, doctors frequently recommend alternatives to this medicine to women during their reproductive years.

How to Maintain Mental well-being During Pregnancy?

  • Consume a nutritious, balanced diet.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption. If at all feasible, you should stop drinking.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Find some time each week to do something you like, that makes you feel better, or that helps you unwind.
  • Practicing mindfulness or meditation through a class or a smartphone app like Headspace
  • Allow your loved ones to assist you with household chores, shopping, etc.
  • Exercise (ask your midwife about fitness in pregnancy and local exercise courses) (ask your midwife about exercise in pregnancy and local exercise classes).
  • Talk to your family, your midwife, or your doctor about any concerns you may have.
  • Sleep regularly.

Create a well-being plan to assist you to begin considering the support you may require during your pregnancy and following the birth

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