Desert Safari in Dubai: Inclusions, Price, and Timing

desert safari in dubai

Tourism is growing daily in UAE. If you want to harness the beauty of nature in the best place, then there is no better option than Dubai. Dubai experiences a vast climatic diversity as it has snow-covered mountains and faces the hot blazing sun too. Desert Safari in Dubai attracts visitors as it is huge, open, and is home to amazing landscapes. We are here to solve the matter if you have queries about Dubai’s history or picnic spots. Here will tell you the Price, Timing, and Inclusions of a Dubai Desert safari visit if you planning your vacation there.


● Pick and drop

● Camel riding

● Sandboarding

● Dune bashing

● Quad biking

● Photography 

● Water and tea when needed

● Sheesha smoking

● Henna painting 


● Morning desert safari       

8 am – 11 am

● Evening desert safari         

4 pm – 9 pm

You can consider us for your visit, as we provide personnel and assistant staff to all the visitors to give them a worthy feel. We provide advanced and different VIP packages. 

Advance Package (150 AED):

Suppose you opt for an advance package. Our driver will pick you up from a specific point in a 4×4 vehicle. This kind of pick-and-drop and different desert activities are included in all kinds of safari deals.

VIP Package (350 AED):

The VIP package will have a pick-and-drop in 4×4 and include activities like camel rides, sand surfing, and quad biking at the safari site. Different soft drinks and tea will also be a part of the deal.

VIP package holders will get picked up and dropped off from their residential site. A driver will pick them up from their hotel at a specified time, take them to the desert safari, and then drop them off at their hotel too. VIP package holders are given the special royal treatment during their stay here.

Morning and evening safari deals (700 AED):

Morning desert safari is the most explored as it gives an adventurous look to the whole trip. All the outdoor activities happen in the evening or at night, but this one is one-of-a-kind. Visitors are amused when the sun’s golden glow falls on the gentle sand. This kind of tranquility can be experienced only on a morning desert safari. 

 Visitors are also offered breakfast during their morning safari visit. Most people think that morning safari are hot, but it is not the case. Guests enjoy greater time experiencing things in sunlight, and as soon as time goes on, their wish to spend more time in the desert also arises.

In contrast to morning safaris, the night Dubai desert safari provides a few benefits. It includes spotting uncommon flora and fauna like Arabian oryxes and gazelle species. Apart from it, you can enjoy sending a hot air balloon into space. Furthermore, the evening safari also holds dance performances, dinner buffets, and fire shows. Belly and tanoura dances are common here.

Activities in desert safari:

The dune rides are most interesting throughout the morning, mainly when the trip is piloted by an expert professional to provide you with an extraordinary lifetime voyage. It appears marvelous from 4,000 feet above the desert ground, which seems mesmerizing.

Camel driving is another essential thing for the desert safari. The morning desert safari in Dubai permits you to witness some distinctive birds that will be out at some point in the morning. You can also enjoy sandboarding during both safari packages. If riders want more fun and adventure, they can ride a quad bike to soothe their souls.

After enjoying to the fullest, you can sit at the desert camp and enjoy a buffet dinner, music, and dance shows, sheesha smoking, ladies can paint their hands with Arabic mehndi. Even there are falcons to get photographed with. If you are fond of alcoholic beverages, you can pay some extra bucks. 

Book your Favorite Desert Safari Trip Package with us!

With our great packages and tour plans, you will witness the real thrill of the Safari destination. You can catch the golden dunes inside the Dubai desert safari with all your friends and closest loved ones. Capturing the sunset beauty in the evening desert safari package will bring a smile to your face. Give us a chance to make your trip memorable and fantastic! If you want to make your Desert safari experience worth remembering, then be the first to get in touch with us. 

If you want any additional information, our customer support team is available 24/7 to handle all your queries at their best. We aim to bring a smile to your face once we end up with our services.


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