Complete Guide On How To Start Day Trading

How To Start Day Trading


The demand for trading instruments, stocks, and commodities is increasing day by day as most people want to get hands-on experience in trading. This is a reason that online brokers are gaining popularity over time. 

What is Day Trading? 

Traders buy and sell the trading instruments to earn profits on the same day. By the end of the day, traders have to close all their positions before the closure of the trading market and determine gains or losses. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Start Day Trading 

Becoming a successful trader is a challenging task. So, we are breaking the entire process into 7 steps traders need to take to turn their dreams of being successful day traders into reality. 

Step I: Personal Audit or Self Assessment 

Personal Audit or Self Assessment is the most important step, as traders must understand the challenges or risks associated with day trading. There are also chances that traders might have to bear losses, and it takes lots of time to understand how day trading works. Even after understanding all the terminologies and strategies of trading, it might be that you don’t get success. It is possible only by implementing the following methods:

  • Risk Taking Ability 
  • Craving to learn to trade 
  • Dedicated to spending more hours with no leaves. 

Step II: Learn About the Market 

Before beginning day trading, you must be aware of what you are signing up for. A general understanding of the market is not sufficient enough for placing a trade. You must understand how trades work, how world events affect volatility, how industries respond, and how to determine pricing with the help of trading tools.

Step III: Choose a Trading Strategy 

Without an effective day trading strategy, you will not succeed. You need to choose at least two trading strategies for yourself as a beginner. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can switch to other strategies. You must constantly monitor the efficiency of your trading strategy and adapt, modify, discard, or replace it in response to changing circumstances.

The amount you invest needs to be carefully considered because the allure of profit may be strong, but it can also be a path to financial ruin. Numerous people have attempted to trade their way out of a hole only to become panicked and fall into a much deeper hole.

Step V: Find Out a Suitable and Reliable Brokerage Firm

Considering that all day trading activities take place on an investment platform, selecting a trustworthy broker is one of the toughest tasks that can make before beginning to day trade. This broker will be in charge of managing your account in addition to letting you execute transactions through their trading platform. You must take the time to identify the ideal broker or brokerage firm for you—one with a solid reputation and a track record of success.

Step VI: Start Trading with a Demo Account 

Make a demo account first so you can practice before you start trading with real money. As you gain experience reading the market, seeing patterns and swings, and determining how much risk to take and when to take it, you can buy and sell in real time. In a demo setting, you can build, refine, and perfect your strategy in a secure environment. Keep testing your strategies until you feel secure enough to trade with a real account.

Step VII: Start small, then grow

Never place a large order during the early stages of trading, even if you have the necessary capital. Spend some time initially investigating and understanding the market’s complexities. Increase the stakes after experiencing some success with your strategy. Remember that while markets and trading opportunities will always exist, it may be challenging to recover lost funds. Start small, conduct tests to determine success, and then shift to bigger trades. 

Final Words

Platforms that guarantee unlimited profits or guaranteed day trading success should be avoided by aspiring traders. It is a fact no strategy is risk-free, so you have to trade at a considerable amount of time and effort by learning about the market conditions and the variables that influence it.

So, before quitting your job to work as a full-time day trader, be sure that you have the will to keep learning, experiment with new strategies, and take accountability for your mistakes.


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