Cheap Student Travel Around the UK and Beyond: Discover 7 Great Tips

Cheap Student Travel Around the UK and Beyond Discover 7 Great Tips 11

When you’re still in school and making only a tiny income from a part-time job or pocket money in a post-recession era when money is tight for all of us, finances are likely to be an ongoing concern.

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If you want to enjoy life in your leisure time, one of the big costs you’ll have to think about is transportation. It pays to be aware of the many ways you can cut costs on the rising expense of travel, whether you’re traveling to and from school, visiting friends or family, or organizing a day trip or holiday in the UK or overseas. The advice in this article will show you that your goals don’t have to be derailed by the high cost of transportation.

1. Use Megabus to Coach Between Cities

Get ready to be stunned by Megabus’s unbelievable discounts on coach travel inside the UK and even over the Channel to other locations in Europe. Megabus offers significant savings over rail travel with rates starting at less than £1.50 and eliminates the need to pester your parents to transport you somewhere!

2. To Save A Third on Rail Travel, Use the 16-25 Railcar

If you must travel by train, a 16–25 Railcard can reduce your train ticket costs by up to a third. The money you will save will rapidly cover the cost of the service, which will cost you £30 for a year or £70 for three years. With the exception of July and August, when a minimum cost of £12 is required for travel between 4.30 am and 10 am on weekdays, it is valid on all Standard and First Class Advance fares. The 16-25 Railcard is not the best option if you take the train every day to go to school due to this restriction and the fact that it does not offer a reduction in the cost of a season ticket. However, it will soon pay for itself if you frequently take the train on the weekends or for day trips. You can save money on other items by taking advantage of the numerous discounts on activities, dining, and vacations that come with the 16-25 Railcard.

3. You Can Spend Far Less Money If You Split Your Tickets

Who knows how the “powers that be” determine the prices for train tickets, but a curious flaw in the pricing system makes it occasionally more affordable to purchase individual tickets for each leg of your trip than it is to purchase a single ticket for the entire trip. For instance, a train ticket from Oxford to Birmingham costs about £30. However, you might find that your trip is less expensive if you purchase a ticket from Oxford to Banbury and another from Banbury to Birmingham. Asking why is pointless because it is what it is. Fortunately, you can calculate and compare the costs of splitting trips using a number of applications and websites. Visit Raileasy for more details on split ticketing. The only requirements are that each individual ticket is valid and that the train you’re on arrives at the location indicated on the ticket. Splitting your tickets in this way is entirely lawful. You’re not even required to exit the train! It’s odd, yet it functions.

4. Reserve Your Rail Travel At Least a Year in Advance

Booking a train ticket at least 12 weeks in advance might help you save a lot of money if you know you’ll be traveling somewhere on a specified date, like to a wedding. According to, making reservations in advance can help you save an average of 43%, and occasionally even more. You can save money when buying tickets online in advance by picking them up at the station on the day rather than having them sent to you for a cost. Just keep in mind to carry your debit or credit card to serve as identification (if your parents booked for you, they must accompany you to the station to collect the tickets from the machine).

5. If You Visit London Frequently, Buy An Oyster Card

The cost of a tube ride without an Oyster card may be exorbitant.

Getting an Oyster Card is a terrific method to save money if you frequent London. All London buses, the London Underground, Tram, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground, and most of the National Rail services offered in the city are included in this. It’s a pre-paid smartcard that you top up with credit in a similar manner to how pay-as-you-go mobile phones are topped up. It provides you with cheaper access to the London transportation system while setting daily price caps to prevent you from spending more than you have to. Register online (or at a London Underground station, Oyster Ticket shop, or other locations) and pay a £5 deposit to get an Oyster Card (refundable if you ever want to return your card, along with any remaining credit). A London Travel card is a better choice if you’re only in London for the day.

6. Benefit from Rail And Sailing Discounts In Ireland

Do you have last-minute travel plans to Ireland? When that happens, you can benefit from Irish Ferries’ RailSail promotion, which offers combination train and ferry tickets for as little as €42 (about £34) per person, for each trip (also bookable through Similar to the zones on the London Underground, the flat-rate fare is based on how far you are from the port. This distance is determined by whatever zone you are in. The price is fixed even if you book on the day, making it perfect for last-minute getaways. Better yet, no passport is necessary and you are allowed to bring two suitcases of any weight.

7. The Six-Week Guideline for Flight Reservations

Make sure to purchase flights from low-cost carriers while making your reservation.

Regarding air travel, the length of time you provide yourself before making a reservation might have a big impact on the cost you spend. Contrary to common perception, prices for last-minute travel are frequently increased, so avoid booking until the day before you fly unless absolutely necessary. For budget airlines Ryanair and Easyjet, it is recommended to book about six weeks in advance for the best deals. All airlines should be reserved five weeks in advance, according to the study.


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