Best Time To Travel Singapore

best time to travel singapore

The Best Season to visit Singapore

Although Singapore is a time-round destination, the best time to visit Singapore is from December to June. The months of February to April fall within Singapore’s dry season. Generally when the country has the least quantum of rain, the smallest moisture, and the most sun. Singapore has fairly harmonious rainfall. And drinking enough for trippers all time round for sightseeing. Still, if you wish to avoid any crowds swarming the places. The stylish time to visit Singapore is from July to November.

Still, with sand and out-of-door conditioning right under sight also the summer days. June to August is a stylish time to visit Singapore. If you’re just looking to visit Sentosa Island sit back and relax.

The Chinese New Year is one of the grandiose carnivals of Singapore that’s either in January or February. It depends on the first full moon of the time. Other noteworthy events to attend are themed-autumn carnivals that take place in October. Hari Raja which happens in June, and Singapore’s National Day in August.

Still, also visit the country between June to August. If you’re a shopaholic and want to visit Singapore only for your love of shopping. That’s the stylish season to visit Singapore for shopping as The Great Singapore trade is organized during this period.

The duration between July and August isn’t a veritably popular time to visit Singapore. Thus giving you an occasion to crack some of the stylish flight and hotel deals. However, you need not worry about the stylish time to visit Singapore. As it has a lot in the store every month, If you’re a solo rubberneck.

The Climate

December to early March

Harmonious rainfall is recorded during this season, especially from the month of December to early January.

Temperature Avg. of 30 ° high to 24 ° low

Weather December is the wettest month in Singapore with a downfall ranging from 63 mm to 766 mm. Still, if you’re planning your visit during this time, you need not worry. You can still explore the top places to visit in Singapore without any hassle.

One can witness and witness the vibrant side of Singapore during this time. Singapore hosts the most important Christmas fests, festivals, New Year’s feasts, and fireworks.

Know before you visit Showers prevail from December to March in Singapore, with December recording the loftiest downfall. The rainfall is generally windy, cloudy with low sun, and sticky. There are chances of showers during these months.

Tips It’s judicious to carry a marquee always during these months. Especially in the gloamings where the intensity of the rains increases. Carry applicable vesture as it’s windy and sticky at the same time.

Late March to May

These are generally the hot days with sporadic showers. Temperature Avg. of 32 ° high to 25 ° low

Weather The rainfall is sunny with lower fall and wind. still, further showers do during these months.

Significance The prestigious Singapore Fashion Week is held between March- April. Dragon Boat Festival, Vesak Day, Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, etc.

Why you should visit now As the rainfall transitions out of Northeast Showers, the rainfall is sunnier and lower cloudy. One can enjoy the varied intriguing carnivals and events hosted during this time. This is considered a stylish time to visit Singapore.

Know before you visit Not an important downfall but chances of showers during these months. Tips It’s judicious to carry jackets and a marquee as the rainfall is non-predictable.

June to September

Sporadic showers and showers, generally during noon, are a common sight. Temperature Avg. of 32 ° high to 25 ° low.

Weather The Southwest Showers begin in June and Singapore gets lower downfalls and showers. It’s generally affable during this time with lots of sun.

Significant events and carnivals during these months are Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The Singapore International Festival of trades, National Day, and The Empty Ghost Festival. The Great Singapore trade, the Singapore Food Festival, the Singapore Night Festival, Grand Prix Season, Lantern Festival, etc.

Why you should visit now owing to the affable climate. Singapore hosts a list of intriguing and different carnivals during these months. Some of the most popular and pleasurable food carnivals are hosted by the country.

Know before you visit The rainfall is affable with lower downfall and wind. This is a stylish time to visit Singapore for trippers looking to indulge in culture, carnivals, and events.

Tips Wear applicable vesture as the rainfall is relatively sunny and bright.

October to November

violent showers generally during noon and early gloamings. This time is generally stormy as compared to the intern- thunderstorm period in the morning of the time.

Temperature Avg. of 32 ° high to 25 ° low Weather. The rainfall is fairly sticky and less windy, and sporadic spells of showers.

Significance Significant events and carnivals during these months are Deepavali, Hari Raya Haji, Singapore River Festival, etc.

Why you should visit now Some of the most popular religious carnivals fall in October and November. One can get substantiation of the tradition and culture of Singapore during these months.

Know before you visit The rainfall is affable with many spells of showers.

Tips Wear applicable vesture as there are many spells of showers during these months. Now it’s time to go for a Visa. Apply for a Singapore Visa now!

This article will show you how to plan your trip. Get the best experience possible, for further trip-related particulars like breakouts. Or rental buses you can visit Viator coupon promo codes on RetailMeNot


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