Best 3 Burner Gas Stove Brands

Best 3 Burner Gas Stove Brands

One cannot go living without cooking food. Food is the basic requirement for providing your body with energy, and this is not possible without preparing and cooking it properly. And, how does one achieve this? Of course, you need working heated stoves to do this. Gas stoves are one of the most common and popular modes of stoves manufactured for cooking and heating food. What started out as a single burner stove is now available in different sizes and burner numbers of up to four burners. 

No wonder with so many burner gas stove options, how does one choose the best burner number stove? Considering all build factors and cooking requirements, a 3-burner gas stove is the most common and highly recommended gas stove for all family types and cooking requirements. If you are looking to buy a 3-burner gas stove for yourself, or someone else, then, you must buy from the best gas stove brands only. 

This blog will help you know the top trending 3-burner gas stove brands in India that you can trust to fulfilling your gas stove requirements and expectations. 


Glen started out not too long ago in India in the late 1900s, in 1999, and most of the products that were available in the then-Indian market were imported from Italy. But now, because of the increase in popularity over such a period of time, Glen has its own headquarters in India and is able to deliver manufactured goods to its consumer base easily. 

One such product of Glen that is popularly used is the 3-burner gas stove. They have an ergonomic build with respect to their shape, knobs, and burner stands. They use brass burners so that your utensils are evenly heated up and you can achieve a faster cooking experience. Also, the burner stands are produced in such a manner that your utensils can sit stable. The best 3-burner gas stove is lightweight and is manufactured with a glossy tempered glass touch that will enhance your kitchen’s overall look. 


With its foundation laid down in 1955, Prestige has been working with great hard work and dedication to providing you with effortless solutions and consumer-approved services. They have been awarded countless awards and certificates that one might lose track of their accolades while counting them. One can positively state that Prestige is a superb competitor when it comes to rivaling 3-burner gas stove manufacturing brands. Every 3-burner gas stove manufactured by them is compact in size and heightened at the perfect height. You can get either stainless-steel or toughened glass stove tops, based on your requirements and aesthetic wish. Cleaning a Prestige stove is also extremely easy!


Sunflame is an India-based gas stove manufacturing brand that was established in 1984. Whether it is for their impeccable services, or top-grade 3-burner gas stoves, you can rely on Sunflame for making your kitchen look amazing while also meeting your cooking requirements. Most 3-burner gas stoves by Sunflame have a powder-coated metal bottom sheet which is guaranteed to make the stove last longer. The knobs are also distinct for each burner and they work exceptionally smoothly. Cooking on a Sunflame 3-burner gas stove is very easy and efficient!


Butterfly is renowned for producing 3-burner gas stoves with perfect brass burners and 360-degree rotational knobs. Operating a 3-burner gas stove by Butterfly is very easy because you can do everything very simply with them. You are guaranteed to face almost no sort of discomfort or issue, and even if you do so, the Butterfly consumer service is extremely helpful and punctual. Even when it comes it to its aesthetics, Butterfly leaves no stone unturned and ensures that their 3-burner gas stove looks perfect in your kitchen. 


Everyone knows about Bajaj and their wonderful 3-burner gas stoves. You can either continue to maintain the traditional look in your kitchen or go for a top-notch contemporary style with the variety of 3-burner gas stoves available at Bajaj. An Indian household cannot just imagine working without at least one Bajaj appliance if not many. A Bajaj 3-burner gas stove has a warranty of 5 years. 

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Mentioned above are the top five gas stove brands that manufacture the best 3-burner gas stoves in India. All of them fulfill the promises they make with respect to stove quality, build, and affordability. If you wish to buy a 3-burner gas stove, you can go for any of the mentioned brands. 


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