6 Most Amazing Granite Worktops Colors Trending

6 Most Amazing Granite Worktops Colors Trending In 2022

In a luxurious home, the aesthetic taste is visible in the design of the kitchen and bathrooms. The use of trending colors, stylish flooring, and innovative fixtures and fittings are some of the main attractions of the dream house. Kitchen worktop selection is critical for creating a stylish yet functional look in your kitchen. Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops. If you are looking for granite worktops in Harrow, here are a few color ideas that will help you finalize your decision!

Using granite for kitchen worktops is not a new trend. It has been common for many years. However, due to changing trends in kitchen worktops and the use of innovative synthetic materials, granite was out of fashion for many years. But people who know the value of this natural stone install it in their kitchens. The main advantage of granite worktops is their durability. 

Color Ideas For Granite Worktops in Harrow: 

The most popular granite colors that are trending this year are; 

  • White granite countertops with neutral finishes 
  • Warm wooden cupboards
  • Black granite kitchen countertops with gold fittings for a daring look. 

Currently, several major standout color trends are adaptable to most tastes. 

Using White Granite for Kitchen Worktops: 

White granite kitchen countertops exhibit refinement and elegance. They have the most color compatibility and a modern look on top of almost any kitchen cabinet color. While “pure” white slabs are impossible to find, their flecks and irregular markings add to their distinct character. They are available in a variety of colors. So, it is simple to find a stone that matches your design preferences.  

Adding dark-colored cabinets with white granite worktops completes the look of your stylish kitchen. 

Using Black Granite for Kitchen Worktops: 

Black adds a bold and spectacular touch to any kitchen. In comparison to classic, all-white countertops, black granite countertops with flecks of gold or white veins are truly eye-catching. From dark Nordic Black granite to glittering Black Galaxy granite that resembles gazing up at the stars, the black-colored worktops in the kitchen are the best choice. 

Using Blue Granite for Kitchen Worktops: 

Blue granite kitchen countertops bring a sense of calm to your home. Their swirling patterns resemble those of the ocean. Moreover, it evokes a dynamic look in your kitchen. Depending on the look you want, their color intensity and patterns range from deeply saturated blues and strong veins to lighter and more muted tones.

Using Golden Granite For Kitchen Worktops: 

Gold granite colors complement both white and darker-shaded kitchens, particularly black and dark green kitchen cabinets. Gold granite is a popular choice for those who prefer warmer tones such as cream, yellow, brown, and ocher. These hues are present in most gold granite colors. 

Using Brown Granite for Kitchen Worktops:

Brown granite countertop colors come in a variety of rich mixes and natural colors. It provides soothing and earthy tones to your kitchen. Brown granite stone is extremely versatile, with shades ranging from deep chocolate to cappuccino. And brown accounts for more than 50% of the dominant color in worktops. It is suitable for both modern and vintage looks. In addition, it catches the light and gives it a sparkling appearance due to its lighter stone deposits.

Trending Color Schemes for Granite Kitchen Worktops and Cabinets: 

Up until now, you have read about which colors you can use for your kitchen worktops. But if you are still searching for possible contrast with the granite worktops, here are some of the elegant color combinations for your kitchen;

Dark Granite Worktops With White Cabinets: 

Consider different colors of black and gray granite for worktops if you want white cabinets with dark worktops. This classic color palette creates exquisite interiors that are somewhat dramatic. Moreover, it can easily be modernized with color splashes on the worktops.

White Granite Worktops With White Cabinets: 

If you want to go with the white cabinets with white worktops look, different shades and designs of white are effective options. A kitchen with granite countertops naturally reflects light and appears larger. Andromeda white granite most closely resembles marble. It is an excellent substitute if you want the look of marble without the hectic maintenance. 

Blue Granite Worktops With White Cabinets: 

To complete the ocean look in your home, adding white cabinets with blue granite is the perfect combination. The look of this kitchen refreshes your mind every morning. It has a cool tone and gives a calming effect to your kitchen. 

White Granite Worktops With Wooden Cabinets: 

Wood-colored cabinets stay in style. They give a natural look to your home. The combination of white kitchen worktops and brownish wooden cabinets is ideal.  

The fittings and fixtures in your kitchen also play an important role in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Adding golden fittings to black or white granite is a perfect choice. Adding some copper color to your kitchen can give it a vintage look. It depends on your taste, whether you choose modern designs, vintage designs, or natural wooden designs for your kitchen. 


While designing a home, the kitchen and bathroom need your attention. Your sense of aesthetics appears in your home’s color combinations. Granite is the best choice for kitchen worktops, and using its trending colors in your kitchen will make it more elegant. Black, white, blue, and other shades are available on the market for granite worktops. Adding suitable cabinet colors completes the look of your kitchen. 

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