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5 DIY Hacks to Tame and Smoothen Beard at Home

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The beard became immensely popular, and every boy dreamed of having a dense, dark beard that makes him look dashing. Surely, having a beard is not an easy task; there is a lot to do with it. A healthy beard requires continuous maintenance, premium products, and helpful tips. This approach is usually perfect when it comes to taming your beard yourself at home. 

Since the popularity of the beard has increased, several brands have brought different types of beard care products, such as natural beard balm, nourishing oil, timer, etc. These products do wonders when combined with DIY tips. This post will show how to tame a curly and uneven beard using simple tips and products. 

How To Take Care Of Your Beard Using Products and Tips?

Beard requires proper nourishment, just like our skin. You need to keep nourishing it using conditioner, balm, and oil to keep it hydrated, which results in a smooth and healthy beard. Here is the list of tips every bearded man should consider. 

Shampoo Your Beard

Before you use oil or balm on your beard, you must wash it. Cleaning your beard will remove the dust and debris accumulated on it due to long exposure. Applying wax, oil, or balm on a dirty beard can damage it. Washing the beard before applying products will enhance the shine and prevent breakouts, itchiness, and irritation. It would be better if you prefer natural shampoo to wash your beard. 

Condition Your Beard With Oil

After watching the beard, apply beard care oil to provide proper nourishment. The beard care oil will keep the beard and underneath skin hydrated. Beard oil is perhaps the essential product that will give the skin and hair a soft texture. Applying beard care oil is easy; just take a few drops of oil on your fingertips and gently massage your beard and skin. It is better to apply it at night before going to bed.  

Comb Your Beard

Combining your beard twice or thrice a day has several benefits. 

  • The first one is ━ it will remove all the dust and debris accumulated on the beard throughout the day, which can cause hair damage and breakouts. 
  • It is also suggested to comb the beard after oiling. It will help to spread the oil through the beard evenly. 
  • The comb is a beneficial tool to style your beard. You can give the desired shape to your beard using a comb. 

Apply Natural Beard Balm

Beard balm can help your beard in two ways; one━ giving it a desired shape and second ━  keeping it soft and conditioned. When you apply balm on your beard, the layer of balm will protect it from harsh climatic conditions, such as unsuitable temperature, UV rays, humidity, dirt, and many other aspects. If you’re looking for better results, always prefer natural balm made up of macadamia nut and jojoba seed oil. It will help replenish your beard and skin as well. 

Clean And Trim Your Beard 

Trimming and cleaning a beard go hand-in-hand. A well-groomed beard is important for a handsome look, and cleanliness is important for a healthy beard. While washing the beard twice a day to clean the dust and other harmful substances accumulated on the beard, trimming will help to manage a curly and tangled beard. So if you are struggling to maintain your beard, don’t despair. A little care and attention will go a long way toward keeping your beard looking the best. 

Today, the beard has become a crucial part of men’s appearance. Thus, no one wants an uneven, messy, and less dense beard. These hacks will help you manage dense and darker beards and promote growth. Beard tools such as trimmers, and scissors are also available in the market, which will help to give the desired beard shape. You can maintain and flaunt a stylish beard with the combination of tools, beard care products, and grooming tips. 


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