3 Types Of Radio Advertising You Should Know About

types of radio advertising

Knowing the top three types is vital to choosing the right one If you’re considering advertising on the radio. More so, you need to ensure that you understand the radio platform. And the different radio stations to find the stylish suited station for your brand.

This shows that numerous people within South Africa do hear to radio. Which gives brands a great occasion to announce their brand on radio stations.

Then are the top three types of radio advertising your brand can use

1. Live reads

A live read is when the broadcaster on the show reads your announcement in real-time on the air. This conception works analogously to influencer marketing in terms of using a well-known. And liked on-air personality who’ll allure people to engage with the announcement.

For illustration, Jeremy Mansfield is a well-known South African radio presenter and has been in the business since 1985. This means he has erected up an addicting base over the once 34 times, and numerous listeners have followed him from station to station. This means that the people who hear his live reads might be more willing to buy a product or service than if another ‘ newer ’ host read the same commercial.

2. Sponsorships

This type of radio advertising isn’t so important in your listeners ’ faces, which is salutary for your brand. Why? Because people are exposed to an enormous quantum of announcements every day, meaning the chances of them turning the radio off when they hear another announcement is veritably high. People only hear radio commercials that they have a particular interest in or that don’t push the brand.

With backing, the on-air presenter knows how to announce without making the listener feel like they’ve just heeded an ad. The key to auspices is canniness.

That’s why auspices generally take place in between parts, similar rainfall, business, and sports.

For illustration “ This hour’s business was brought to you by Nescafe, be sure to satisfy all your coffee needs with Nescafe and stay awake in business! ”

3. Advertising spots

An advertising spot is when you buy time on the air, giving you the freedom to choose. When you want your announcement to be heard. Typically, the top and bottom of the hour would be more precious than the 15-nanosecond mark. This means that if you’re looking at times to announce, the top of the hour would be 14:00, for illustration. And the bottom of the hour would be 14:30. So it would be stylish to avoid these and rather go for 14:15 if you’re not willing to pay further. Also, 5 pm and 7 pm are high business hours, meaning that there tend to be further listeners. Which will also make these time spots more precious. That’s why it’s important to choose your time wisely.

For illustration, if your target followership consists of stay-at-home mothers, paying redundant plutocrats for a 5 pm spot would not make sense, because your followership would not be sitting in business. You might also conclude for a cheaper niche or maybe in the early mornings when they’re on their way to drop the children off at the academy.


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