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Technology change is inevitable. A business cannot grow if it does not stay updated with the trends and demands of the target consumers. Climbing up the ladder swiftly is the one and only formula for continuous thriving.

Here are the 10 best technologies to work with in the year 2022 that are emerging as well as trending.

You are free to explore them and get acquainted with how they can best be utilized for your convenience.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning

We can bet you might have heard about service robots that serve food in restaurants and are in wide use in the hospitality industry these days. They are intuitive, compassionate, and intelligent.

Yes!! We Are Already Living In The Future!

Language processing, data storage, identifying pictures or objects, or redeeming important patient data or history are some of the mind-blowing actions that Artificial Intelligent robots are serving with us today. 

Big advancements are speaking on their own in the modern world. Graphical features speaking to us, one could have never imagined a world where technology can interact with real humans.

Because the sector is expanding rapidly, the EXPECTED GROWTH RATE is more than 40% or $423 billion yearly and globally. Another great use of AI is self-driving and parking automobiles.

2. Hyper-Automation

Hyper automation is based on the previous technology, AI as problem-solving and task accomplishment are enabled by it. Its key purpose is remote operating and enablement of business models that require scalability.

The combined use of AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA) are the most in-demand technologies of any business to make processes smooth. The disciplined approach is the rapid identification methodology businesses crave.

Have you ever considered how the travel business operates? Because the task is paper-based and repetitious, it is profoundly reliant on hyper-automation. Collecting user data, calculating trip expenditures, re-checking confirmation receipts, ensuring that corporate standards are followed, and handling requests and approvals are all complex labor procedures that are automated.

The EXPECTED GROWTH RATE of hyper-automation for 2022 and beyond is higher than 18% with digitization and automation side by side.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been used in a variety of applications, including digital voting, decentralized notaries, and smart finance. In 2022, it will be one of the fastest-growing technologies, that has revolutionized the way traditional money was utilized.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your assets were forever documented, together with their history and distinguishing characteristics? With Blockchain technology and a digital ledger called Everledger, everything is conceivable. 

Because of the transparency of the user experience, it is a strong contender for the top 10 new technologies in 2022. Customers’ confidence in digital services has grown in various areas, including healthcare, banking, and insurance.

Even some popular games like “Alien World” and “Solitaire Blitz” use Blockchain and cryptocurrency for enticing gamers online. 

Since gaming is one of the biggest industries, the entire Blockchain GROWTH RATE is expected to be more than 100 times above $164 billion by the year 2027. MOREOVER, OVER 36% OF THE EMPLOYEES NOW WANT TO GET PAID WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY

4. Cybersecurity

With e-commerce and cryptocurrency trading wholly and solely on online mediums, cybercrimes have plummeted to bewildering growth.



The hardware and software systems that are vigorously connected to the Internet require extreme protection measures, provided by cybersecurity. Unauthorized access is barred for hackers who try to pose a threat to a company’s or individual’s data centers or computerized systems.

The critical cyber securities that are primarily in demand for this purpose include application security, cloud security, network security, and Internet of Things (IoT) security. 

Those who are interested in getting employed in the cybersecurity field should know that a 33% GROWTH RATE is projected till the year 2030, a fleeter rate than any other average occupation.

5. Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

How cool would that be when your car insurance company knows how accident-prone are you and how your attitude is towards road accidents? It is the smartest way of knowing your customer in a more personalized way, catering to them with emotional psychology.

Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is one of the upcoming top 10 technology trends that every marketer dreams of. User experience (UX) is scrutinized meticulously with several search experience optimization (SXO) techniques. The end products companies come up with are unbelievable in alignment with clever behavioral psychology.

One of the ingenious EXAMPLES of IoB is finding out whether a person wears masks by checking their facial recognition and processing closer images.

How close can you guess its industry GROWTH RATE would be? Approximately 22% of the growth is forecasted for the next ten years, with a higher acceleration on a global scale.

6. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) works the same as normal IoT, except that it is used on an industrial level. Big manufacturing companies are deploying this technology to integrate their devices, sensors, and operating system so that they work in collaboration for a state-of-the-art outcome.

The interconnectivity enhances the management of resources and energy as data collection and further processing is streamlined. The distributed control system ensures a higher degree of automation, essential for refinement and optimization in the final results.

The most extraordinary EXAMPLE where IIoT is used is the automotive industry. The robots, system maintenance, and flawless production, that too, without disruption are some of the most advanced illustrations of this technology’s use.

You cannot imagine the industry GROWTH RATE for this technology! The new technology for 2022 has a stupendous growth rate of $1.4 trillion till the expected the year 2032.

7. Full Stack Development

Full stack technology is a thorough understanding of the computer system and its application so that both front and back-end operations are interpreted for optimal functioning. 

Two distinct web development domains, the front end, and the back end are developed by the experts so that interactions become convenient for online users.

The website viewers, client acquisition, and visual user experience come under the definition of the front end. Linking the data from back servers, storage databases and internal infrastructure of the website or application drive the interaction between the user and the web browser or app.

Some of the most common EXAMPLES of full stack skills are LAMP stack, MEAN stack, and Django stack. The demand for full-stack developers is EXPECTED TO GROW by 13% by the year 2026, which is genuinely higher than other software industry roles.

8. Digital Twins

Digital twins technology is the replica of the physical object into a virtual world for giving the user a simulation of having a real-world experience. 

This close-to-reality experience is becoming popular as it materializes the real-world environment in a totally replicated simulation. Predictions are made on how a product or service would look in the future or how it would perform.

The powerful computer program is enabled for creating simulated processes. The programs could be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) for better user experience, such as in video games.

The utilization of digital twins for trying on new eyeglass frames on actual faces online is one of the most inventive EXAMPLES in the commercial world. It is one of the top technologies to learn for the future, with an EXPECTED MARKET GROWTH of $7 billion in 2022 and a growth rate of 61%.

9. Cloud Services

Cloud services have been here for years now, however, companies are relying more on this technology. Both small and big companies are deeming it convenient to have their data stored with a third party, a trustworthy one. 

It is perceived as a ‘go-to’ solution without having to invest in hardware or software. Data storage, maintenance, and backups are all provided by a third-party cloud storage service provider. 

It necessitates more innovative and adaptive technological boundaries. The MARKET GROWTH is expected to be more than $400 billion in the year 2022. It is a trend that is predicted to never go out of handiness in the coming years.

 Some of the most notable EXAMPLES include Dropbox, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google App Engine.

10. Snowflake

This technology is similar to cloud services as it empowers data storage and management of the infrastructure. The faster solution for easy-to-use platforms is facilitated by snowflake technology. It is one of the best skills to learn for the future so that ‘big data’ management remains no more a hassle.

Snowflake technology inculcates a new SQL query engine with the creative design of cloud storage. The analytic database and the unique features make the snowflake technology an innovative architecture to count on in the coming years.

Some of the EXAMPLES of skills handled by ANSI-SQI-enabled snowflake technologies are data encryption, security, backup, and retrieval of the cloud data. The remarkable GROWTH RATE of snowflake technology is expected to be more than 120% as per New York Stock Exchange statistics for the year 2020.


Technologies covered in the blog are the top technology trends in 2022– the exclusive ones shaping the way the world is working. Although other marvelous trends are yet to be discovered, the future of business is pinning its hopes on the personal experiences of the customer, their feedback, and online interactions.

For adopting the rightly apt technology for your business, you need to be aware of what needs you want to cater to.


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