Top 5 Fastest Balls in Cricket History Ever Bowled By Bowlers

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If you watch cricket then you might know about the records which the batters and bowlers hold. In this blog we are going to talk about one such record which is related to bowling. 

In this blog we are going to know about the top 5 world fastest bowler which is a milestone to achieve as it requires fitness, dedication and a lot of effort. 

Reaching above the speed of 90 mph is something which is not a very common thing but the bowlers which have the records of the fastest balls have done extremely well which makes them stand out among the other bowlers. 

Top 5 fastest balls and their bowlers in the history of cricket – 

Shoaib Akhtar (100.2 mph) 

With the speed of 100.2 mph Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan holds the first position in this list and because of his terrifying speed this bowler was often referred as the rawalpindi express. 

Akhtar bowled his fastest bowl in year 2003 against England in the world cup and since then his record is unbeatable and no bowler yet has been able to break his record of the fastest bowl. 

Shaun Tait (100.1 mph)

Shaun tait is an Australian bowler who comes second in the list and with unique speed he also has a unique bowling action, and was suitably given the name the wild thing. 

His unpredictable style of bowling stunned the batters and gave shaun an upper hand in the contest. 

Brett Lee (99.9 mph)

We have another Australian bowler in the list who is not only considered as one of the fastest bowlers but he is also considered as the greatest of all time. 

It was not easy for the batters to bat against brett lee because of his express pace, Lee bowled his fastest delivery in the year 2005 against New Zealand. 

Jeff Thomson (99.8 mph)

Seems like Brett Lee and Shaun Tait are not the only Australians in this list, as Jeff thomson occupies the fourth spot. Despite his unusual action he has a fast bowling speed which terrified the opposition batters. 

In his test career of 12 years, he took 200 wickets in just 51 matches, whereas in ODIs he took 55 wickets and dismissed many batters. 

Mitchell Starc (99.67 mph)

Australian dominance in the list continues with Mitchell starc on the fifth position with the speed of 99.67 mph and he is also the only bowler in this list who is still playing cricket and is not retired yet. 

Ross Taylor was the unlucky Kiwi batter who faced the thunderous speed of 99.67 of Starc’s ball. His ability to swing the ball, and bounce which generated from a good height makes him a nightmare for the batters. We expect that after reading this blog you have been now aware of the world fastest bowler and their fast bowling figures which exists in the history of cricket and these details have been of help for you in learning about it.


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