Why is Airpods Case Flashing Green?

why are my airpods flashing green

Apple AirPods are very awesome devices as there are a number of people who love to use the AirPods created by Apple. The device is also known for its high life and durability which is why Apple users prefer to buy Airpods which will last them for a long time. However, while the device is said to have a long life there are certain situations where people face issues when they use their Apple AirPods. 

There are many people who have seen their airpods flashing green light and this has often confused a lot of people. People wonder why this happens as the continuous indication of the green light can interfere with your listening experience which is why in the guide, we are going to tell you why this happens and what you can do to ensure that this does not happen. 

Why is the Case of my AirPods flashing a green light?

I am sure that you are here surfing our guide because you are irritated by the continuous flashing of the green light on the charging case of your Airpods whicht usually indicates the complete charge of the Airpods case. Here we are mentioning the reasons why this happens and what you can do in this case. 

Airpods Charging Case is Still Charging 

The main reason why the green light of your Airpods case is flashing green is because of the charging feature. Even if your Airpods are not under the charger, you can still charge your case and the flashing light indicates that your device is getting charged. It is suggested to wait before the light is steady before removing it from the charging power. 

Your Airpods Case is completely charged

If you are wondering why are my airpods flashing green then, another very common reason is that your Airpods case is completely 100 per cent charged. The green light indicates that your case is now full and you can remove the case from the power socket and place your Airpods in the case so that they can get fully charged. 

Airpods Software Update is in progress 

There are a lot of people who often forget about the automatic software update of Airpods which is why if you see that the airpods case is blinking green light but, your device is not connected to any power source then, there is a high chance that your Airpods software is getting updated as the green light also indicates a software update. 

Issues with your Airpods 

However, if you see that your Airpods are not under any of the functions that we have stated above and it still blinking green then, this might mean that there are some issues with your Airpods. There can be connectivity and sound issues with your Airpods which is why you might see the green light and to fix the issue, we recommend you unpair the Airpods and then, re-pair them with your device once again. This allows the Airpods to establish a brand new connection with your Apple device and you can use it without issues. 

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