Kim Kardashian, a well-known figure in reality television and a highly recognized celebrity, has managed to effectively expand her brand

After graduating from high school in 1998, Kim Kardashian became a personal assistant to Paris Hilton, an American hotel heiress and socialite

Kim, along with her family, strategically built the Kardashian brand through TV shows and social media.

Kim's successful foray into the beauty industry with her makeup brand, KKW Beauty.

Since launching in 2014, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has generated more than $157 million in sales.

Kim's massive social media following has played a crucial role in her business endeavors.

Kim's determination, work ethic, and resilience as key factors in her success.

Kim's advocacy work in criminal justice reform and her efforts for prison reform.

Kim's venture into the shapewear industry with her brand, Skims.