Top 10 Dragon-Type Pokemon Designs Ever


Dragon-type Pokemon are rare creatures that people love, and these are the ones with the best designs in the series.

Dragon-type Pokemon are a fan choice among Pokemon players and are often the most powerful additions to a team. It takes a lot of work to train these Pokemon, and as they get stronger, they often evolve. But the wait was well worth it, as trainers got to see fiercely strong creatures with designs that were just as amazing.

Dragon-type Pokemon are a little less common than other types in the Pokemon world. And that makes their designs even more amazing, since they are often based on mythical creatures from all over the world or on extinct animals that once ruled the Earth.


Noivern official artwork

Noivern is called the Sound Wave Pokemon. It looks like a dragon-like bat because its body shaped like a dragon and its wings and claws are like those of a bat. It looks a lot like the Leaf-Nosed bat. Because it has a red mark on its face. It is also a lot like the Long-Eared bat because it has big ears and is about the same size as the Fruit Bat.

Its sound speaker-shaped ears represent the ultrasonic skills of bats, which it uses to fight off enemies by weakening them “with ultrasonic waves that could crush stone,” as its Pokedex entry in Shield says.


Dragonair official artwork

Dragonair looks like a snake, just like its predecessor, Dratini. This shows that it is related to the dragons in Korean folklore. These “huge land serpents” are called Imugi, and they finally “transform into real dragons.” This can only happen with “time and patience.” This makes sense when you think about how much it changed between Dratini and Dragonite, whose appearance is almost nothing like that of Dratini or Dragonite.

Dragonair is listed in the Pokedex as a mysterious Pokemon. It has two wings on the side of its head that look like those of the Greek God Hermes, and gems that look like pearls on its neck and tail.


Kommo-o official artwork

Kommo-o is a dragon that lives on land. It doesn’t have wings, but its metal scales make up for it. This Dragon/Fighting type has a strong aura, which shown by its big forelimb claws and size. The whole design is based on the armored scales, which, according to its Pokedex entry in Moon, “function as offense and defense.”

These armor plates remind me of a pangolin, and Kommo-o’s reptilian body reminds me of the Mo’o in Hawaiian folklore, which were “large creatures with long and terrifying bodies.”


Goodra official artwork

Goodra, who was covered in slime, would have good as a dual Poison type. Instead, people just call this Pokemon the Dragon Pokemon. Goodra may not look much like a dragon, but her form could be based on the Lou Carcolh from French mythology. It was called a “monstrous snail-like creature,” which makes sense since it has four spikes on its head and a curled tail.

Even though Goodra looks like it would be easy to control, it can pack a powerful punch. The Pokedex description for Goodra in Violet says that when it gets angry, it can’t stopped and “rampages on and on, lashing its tail with enough force to send a dump truck flying.”


Haxorus official artwork

The tusks of Haxorus’s pre-evolution Axew, which stick out, have turned into full-fledged fighting axes. This Pokemon is called “Axe Jaw.” This scary-looking Pokemon has a simple design that draws players’ attention right away to its main weapons, its tusks. Haxorus is also proud of these, which called its “pride and joy” and kept in good shape by eating minerals from dirt.

Haxorus looks like a dinosaur, especially the Heterodontosaurus, which, according to the University of California, Berkeley, “had three different kinds of teeth that it could use to bite, tear, and grind.”

Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon official artwork

Roaring Moon is a prehistoric Paradox Pokemon that introduced in Scarlet. It is thought to an old relative of Salamance. The Dragon/Dark-type is based on the Pokemon’s Mega Evolution, which you can tell by its curved shape and long, straight wings. But now the wings have two-colored feathers, which is probably a nod to the idea that dinosaurs had feathers.

The form of Roaring Moon is based on its wings, making it the best version of Salamance. No matter how cool the original design looks, the wings have always seemed too small to carry the heavy frame. The Mega Evolved form was a little better, but this is by far the best in Tunnel Rush.


Flygon official artwork

Flygon looks like a butterfly with scales, which is a play on its name. The wings have a subtle design that makes them look like the wings of a dragonfly, and the tail is about the same length. Even though it looks a lot like a dragon, Flygon has clear red orbs over its eyes that make it look like an insect.

Flygon lives in the desert, so these red orbs protect it from the sand that blows around where it hides. This is explained in the FireRed and LeafGreen Pokedex sections. But it’s strange that it hides in the sand but is pale green instead of beige or light brown.


Drampa official artwork

Drampa’s form gives off good vibes and wise energy. Its name comes from the fact that the dragon’s white, wispy fur makes it look old. But don’t get attached, because its Pokedex description in Shield says that when it gets angry, it “stirs up a gale and flattens everything around it.”

Drampa is the type of dragon that looks the most like a traditional Chinese dragon. It has a strong link to the Zhulong dragon, which in Chinese folklore is as a god. Most of these dragons are red, but Drampa’s colors are soft green and yellow, which fits with the atmosphere of its home in Alolan.

Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp official artwork

In X and Y, the “almost legendary” Garchomp got a new look. It was one of the luckiest few to get a Mega Evolved form. Garchomp has always been a fan favorite, and the way it looks is great. But in its Mega Evolution, it gets even better. Its wings turn into sharp sickle blades. And the spikes that stick out of its body grow longer and now cover its chest.

Mega Garchomp looks mean and hurt, which backed up by its Ultra Sun Pokedex entry. Which says that “excess energy” from Mega Evolution has turned “its arms and wings” into sickles. The rest of Garchomp’s form has changed in small ways. Like giving it more shark-like features and making its jaw stand out more.


Dragapault official artwork

Dragapault is the only Dragon/Ghost-type Pokemon that isn’t legendary. It is also known as the “Stealth Pokemon.” This dragon-like Pokemon looks like the dead amphibian Diplocaulus, which may be why it is a Ghost-type. Diplocaulus has gone for a long time. The color of Dragapault’s tail fades until it is ghostly clear. Scarlet’s Pokedex says that if it focuses enough, it can do this to its whole body.

The inside of Dragapault’s head looks like a stealth bomber, with compartments that fire little Dreepy like rockets. But don’t worry, these Pokemon love this job and “eagerly look forward to launched at Mach speeds,” as Shield’s Pokedex record says.


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