The Creative Approach: Ideas for SMS Marketing Campaigns

The Creative Approach: Innovative Ideas for SMS Marketing Campaigns

Short message service (SMS) marketing can be a powerful way to increase sales and motivate customers to interact with your brand in the palm of their hands because so many people are glued to their phones. Text-based campaigns focus on sending brief. Personalised messages to subscribers to promote website browsing. Taking advantage of special discounts, and other call-to-action incentives.

Our team at Guni wants to assist you in developing campaigns that will generate leads and persuade customers to subscribe to your SMS content if you’re looking to develop a business-to-consumer (B2C) relationship through SMS gateway. Here are a few SMS marketing campaign suggestions for businesses of all sizes, whether you operate an online retailer or a small local service company.

Following a purchase, send a thank you or order confirmation message.

Send a thank-you text to each customer who purchases from your website or physical store and provide their phone number. By doing this, the business can enhance its reputation with customers and increase brand recognition.

You can also incorporate the following CTAs into these types of messages:

  • Order confirmation: Provide a link that directs customers to your website so they can review their orders. Additionally, you can include tracking data so that they can follow the delivery of their order. Which can increase customer and company trust.
  • Customer Survey: Ask the customer to respond to a survey about the convenience of the service and their shopping experience. You can find out more about what caused a sale as well as other ways to develop your company.
  • Temporary discounts: Always seize the chance to encourage a subsequent sale by including a thank-you discount in your message. This message may persuade the customer to purchase a different good that they were contemplating but left off of their initial order.

SMS voting and polling

Almost any type of business or service can benefit from using text messaging to solicit customer feedback. Respondents can vote by replying to your text message after you text them a list of options to choose from. You will observe the outcomes in real-time as soon as possible with one of the choices.

Use case: Retailers can use text voting to find out what categories of products their customers would like to see more of on the shelves.

With text voting, the options are truly endless. It’s a great idea to show the poll results on a graph in real-time when displaying them at live events or in a classroom. Which is possible with many text services

When a person signs up for SMS notifications, send them a welcome message.

A welcome message with a call-to-action (CTA) can be sent to customers when they first sign up for SMS notifications. Greetings can be useful because:

  • Give a succinct justification for why the customer should keep receiving SMS alerts (e.g.: they get access to special discounts, sales alerts, and updates).
  • Send clients to your company’s website so they can continue looking at your products over the phone.
  • If you also provide a sign-up discount for new subscribers to use, it will encourage a new sale.

Keep these communications succinct and limited to a preset template. You don’t want to scare people away right away with your welcome campaigns because they serve as the company’s introduction to begin a new relationship with the customer.

Use SMS to run a text-to-win contest or giveaway. 

Using text to implement the contest is a great way to automate the process if your company offers giveaways.

The contest’s end date and time are up to you to choose. You can also choose how many winners you want the system to choose. The winning number(s) will then be chosen at random by the system, and the winning text message that you have pre-programmed will be sent. 

This could be a text message with a coupon code to use online, a winning text asking for their address so they can receive the prize by mail. A text asking them to come to your location and show the text to receive the prize or anything else that works for your business model and giveaway.

The benefit of holding a contest via bulk SMS is that all participants will be added to your text club, which you can use to remarket to them in subsequent texts.

Send SMS subscribers special offers or notices of flash sales

Keeping your SMS marketing campaigns exclusive is a useful strategy. Inform your clients that they will receive the following if they sign up for your SMS messages:

  • Specialised discounts
  • Flash sale warnings
  • First notices of sales on popular items

Run discount or flash sale campaigns, especially if you regularly sell new products each month, to encourage routine spending from your customer base. Consistently sending rewards to your SMS subscribers can help you keep in touch with them and encourage them to visit your establishment if you’re having a sale.

The best way to send original SMS marketing campaigns

Your SMS marketing campaigns can soar to new heights with the help of Guni.

You can send innovative text message marketing campaigns thanks to platforms for SMS marketing like Guni. Guni offers all the tools you need to forge long-lasting client relationships. Including mass group texting, text message scheduling, and unlimited subscribers. 

Remember to always obtain proper consent from recipients and comply with relevant privacy regulations (such as GDPR or CCPA) when conducting SMS marketing campaigns. Additionally, make sure your messages are concise, clear, and valuable to the recipients to maintain their engagement and trust.


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